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3 tripod adapters for the NL Pure (1 Viewer)


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I wanted a tripod adapter for my NL Pure 8x42. I used the Manfrotto Clamp 035BN for binoculars with my Leica & Zeiss 8x32 but even when applying a strong force, the NL Pure does not really stay in place.

Because of the forum, I first ordered the one from https://www.deadonindustries.com
I was disappointed: it is not easy to fix, the screw is easy to loose, it tends to slip... I tried to tune it, longer screw, 3D printed soft padding... I remained unconvinced.

So I ordered the RRS one: https://soar.reallyrightstuff.com/Cinch-LR-BA
It is better: easy to fix and remove, nothing to lose, can be used with multiple binoculars, comes with an Arca-swiss style plate, very small and lightweight.
Find the right length for the strap is hit & miss but after a while, one can get a secure attachment. Not 100% stable but more than good enough for the occasional use. I'll keep it.

But I also wanted a solution for astronomy, especially when I travel with my alt-az mount but no extra tripod. So I ordered the Swarosky Universal adapter. It does not fit the NL perfectly but it is ok and I can balance it on my Unistar.

I did not tried the Outdoorsman because I'm not sure I want to have a stud on the NL and because one must stop buying stuff sometimes (not really sure when though) but it is probably a better solution than the ones I have.

I've uploaded some pictures.


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I'm also using the Swarovski UTA with NL Pure 8x42. It works OK, even though it is not so tight as I would like it to be. I have also the Outdoorsman stud, but haven't installed it yet.


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There is another inexpensive one that is universal for most all roof prism binoculars, and that is the Bogpod binocular mount.

It is a rubber strap style, and easily the most inexpensive one that is available. Very stable and better than most stud types.

Around $40.00 -$50.

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Little late on here, but the hunting crowd seems to dig the Outdoorsmans bino stud. I bought one, like it enough, but I have nothing to compare to besides the old Vortex bracket. Any reason the ring or strap style mounts are more popular over here?
Hope external links are ok... Manufacturers page for quick reference: https://outdoorsmans.com/collections/studs-adapters

If it's a concern, there's a third party company that does a slick ARCA adapter since those adapters come setup for their in-house dovetail.
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