5/16/08 - Upper Waiakea Forest Reserve (1 Viewer)

After a lazy morning I spent a lazy afternoon checking all my favorite plants around Road R, off of Stainback Highway. The only interesting thing I found to photo were some interesting and mysterious yellow structures on the flowering stalks of my favorite cyanea. I examined some fallen leaves from the zanthoxylum tree near the cyanea enclosure, which have a very nice soft lemony aroma when crushed, which is more subtle than the whopping citrus aroma of some 'alani leaves. I observed several new touchardia that I had not seen before. I checked my favorite wikstroemia and embelia plants for flowers, but found none.

Birdwise, the 'io which was hanging around the cyanea enclosure for a month or so during the winter has now been absent for many weeks. White-eye counts seem to be down, as they are on the saddle.

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