5/17/08 - Pu'u 'O 'Umi NAR and Pu'u O'o Trail (1 Viewer)

Saturday was a Kohala Watershed Partnership volunteer day. We pulled a lot of banana poka in the gulch that's on the boundary of the new leeward reforestation strip. Afterwards we hiked up to the 'eke ridge area. It was an unusually clear day, so not only did we see the summit of Kohala, but we actually saw blue sky behind it! Very unusual. All the usual Kohala birds were present in small numbers, with the exception of i'iwi.

Afterwards I went up to Pu'u O'o Trail on the saddle. It was a wonderful partly cloudy, cool and dry evening, and I was able to stay out past sunset and do some bird counts. I saw 3 or 4 'akiapola'au in a couple hours, including a very loud juvenile. The juvenile was being followed around by a juvenile 'apapane. I'iwi counts were way down, 'apapane counts were down a bit, and white-eyes were scarce.

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