5/20/08 - Kipuka 21 and Powerline Road (1 Viewer)

I went to a presentation on the status of the nature trail and native forest restoration at Kipuka 21. This included information about the 'akepa and Hawai'i creeper that were removed from the captive breeding program at Keauhou rare bird conservation center and released in Kipuka 21 last autumn. Apparently both 'akepa and creeper took to their new environment well, though they didn't present any details about whether any stuck around or which ones still show up. Apparently they put up some nest boxes in the kipuka that the birds were familiar with during their stay at the captive breeding program, which may encourage some of them to return. In October after the release I did see one of the 'akepa at the Powerline Road parking area across the street from Kipuka 21.

Speaking of Powerline Road, the road construction has finally ripped apart the old access road to the Powerline Road parking area. I'm not sure if access will be restored at any point. Some of the old parking areas along Saddle Road were preserved, while others were cut off. Powerline Road is the primary wilderness access in this part of the Saddle, and State vehicles seem to use it every week or two, so it seems like access should be restored at some point. The Pu'u O'o Trail parking area still hasn't been paved, but is open on most days.

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