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Just got back from a trip to Paris and Normandy. Wasn't a birding trip so I didn't bring a guide, could anyone help me ID these?

1. Some sort of treecreeper i guess
2. Yellow sparrow? I have no idea
3. ?
4. Saw this one hovering above a field in Normandy. I have a blurry pic of the top part of its wings if this one doesn't help enough.
5. Long tailed tit?

Thanks in advance.


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Well-known member.....apparently so ;)
(Common) Treecreeper - with this shot you can see the hindclaw, well done!
female Chaffinch
Kestrel - the hovering's a good pointer too
correct, LT Tit


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I guess the treecreeper is very difficult to tell from this photo.

But the lowest (outer-most) of the yellow-beige "ladder-steps" on the primaries seems to be equal in lenght (with the one that lay direct under) and that indicates short-toed as far as i know.

I get a feeling that the bill is long (but feelings is usually nothing to argue for when it comes to this difficult group of birds)

But clearer additional pictures would be great.

midlands birder

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i will push the boat out and say the treecreeper is a short toed,
again with the steps in the wing ,eurasian treecreaper shows a right angle in it while short toed shows a larger angle,look at example(sorry if there your photos)

View attachment untitled.bmp
this feature is hard to see in the field so most id ing of short toed is done off good photos:t:


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Thanks for the replies everyone.
I don't know if it helps with the ID but the treecreeper was found at Pere Lachais Cemetery in Paris.
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