6/14/09 - Upper Waiakea Forest Reserve, Road R (1 Viewer)

I was pooped out by Sunday. After sleeping in all I could manage was a short trip to Road R off of Stainback Highway.

I started off with more of my experimental ginger removal in an area where ginger has taken over the bulldozed road and is threatening to move into an adjacent isolated pocket of wonderful native wet forest understory. It's a nasty muddy mess ripping out all the ginger rizomes at first, but I'm hoping that at some point only spot removal will be necessary. It might be impossible to win this one, though.

After that I moved on down to the end of Road R to see what was flowering, and to study the wonderfully diverse cyrtandra population there - there are at least 4 species plus hybrids in one area, and I'm still trying to puzzle out which are the "pure" species. Phyllostegia and cyrtandra were flowering. No flowers on the embelia, though. I pulled out a bunch of strawberry guava, but it's hopeless in the long run.

It was quiet, with a bit more Japanese white-eye than 'apapane. Scattered Japanese bush warbler, 'elepaio, 'oma'o, and a few kalij pheasant. One 'io and a northern cardinal. A few hungry mosquitoes. (now ex-mosquitoes)

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