7/12/09 - Upper Waiakea Forest Reserve, Road R

Again, a rainy morning and a fairly wet afternoon. I only went out for a half day in the best native forest off of Road R. I searched a very small bit of forest I'd never been in before, but knew would be rich in rare plants. I found numerous bits of the phyllostegia floribunda colony in this area, and also a fairly large maua tree. I spent about half the time following another hunter trail hacked a bit heavy-handedly through the pristine understory, which fortunately didn't hit any of the rare plants. There was no sign of recent pig activity in this particular area, but the pigs are more to the East. Hopefully they got some eventually.

Rain kept the birds quiet, except for the 'oma'o. There were a small number of 'apapane, Japanese white-eye, 'elepaio and northern cardinal. Japanese bush warblers down in the mexican ash plantations. Very normal for this area.