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7x42 UVHD+ Close Focus (1 Viewer)


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I understand that the various iterations of the 7x42 Leicas have seen better close focus performance. Moreover, Roger Vine's review of the UVHD measures the close focus at 2.7m rather than the 3.3m claimed by Leica. Perhaps the latest UVHD+ is even better.

I'm deciding between the 7x42 UVHD+ and the 8x42 NV. I've tried both a the Leica store and prefer the 7x42 overall, but need a binocular to cover everything from bugs to birds.

My question: do folks find that the 7x42 UVHD+ is serviceable for close in nature observation? My sense is that 2.7m might be just close enough to work.
I measure 3.25 m close focus on my 7x42 HD+, so you may or may not find one with 2.7m (there is some sample variation, of course). For me, the difference would be irrelevant, but I use other binos for bugs.
I found today in my renewed enjoyment of the 7x42 that it worked just fine close focus-wise for small back garden birding, except in the case of brown i.e. female blackbirds. I have noticed before that the female is fearless and will come to within 3' of me or even less in wet weather or when I have dug over the soil. Today she was having a great time flicking over moss, pecking into the grass or into corners of steps and a wall and catching and then discarding a long earthworm as well as many smaller bugs. I switched to the 8x32 (also UVHD+) for its much closer focus but for almost everything else the 7x42 is just about / not quite (depending on how generous I'm feeling) close enough. Meanwhile the male blackbird flew to different further off fence tops at a more discreet distance (50'). Both of them despite their rather humdrum colours to the naked eye looked splendid in the bins - glossy black plumage and a bright ringed eye on the male, almost heraldic mottling of the browns in chocolate shades in the female. Finally having the dioptre dead on and enjoying this scene of bird family life really made me appreciate the viewing, but then I find rainy days bring out wet saturated colour beautifully and I love the calmness of the rainy view, especially in the easy way the 7x42 UVHD Plus manages it.

I measured the close focus of the 7x42 UVHD Plus just now using feet (measurement and actual) as my shoes support imperial measurement by being exactly 12" long. I get the Leica figure when adjusted to metres, maybe give or take a couple of inches (50mm) each way. The 8x32 UVHD Plus of course is much closer and the Trinovid even more so.

Given the stratopheric price of the NL 8x42's, especially, I'd find a bird club member or whomever who will allow you to use theirs and spend some time in the field with both models. All binoculars have their strengths and weaknesses, as you know. I been using Swarovski since 2003, but after spending a full day with a buddy's 7x42UV HD's, I was blown away. FOV is much narrower, of course, than an NL but damn, they're otherwise wonderful... for me. I haven't looked through and NLs. Good luck.
Other binoculars focus closer than my 7x42 UVHD+, so it wouldn’t be my first choice for inspecting bugs and wildflowers. Recommend checking close focus yourself before buying to see if it focuses close enough for your needs.

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