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8X20 B Limited Edition Serial #? (1 Viewer)


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I recently purchased a pair of the 8X20 B Limited Edition (Century), and they need a bit of work. I've been corresponding with SONA and they've made up a work order for me, but need a serial # to proceed. The gentleman I've been emailing tells me it's a letter followed by numbers located on the ocular end of the bridge... there's nothing there.

There is a "B" followed by three numbers on the underside of the bridge where "Limited Edition" is also printed. Is this the serial #?

I have told SONA this, but they keep saying they need a serial #


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Welcome to Birdforum.

Take a look on the underside of the frame near the left hand tube. Open the binocular up, and it is right there.
Typically a letter E followed by a 9 digit number.

Let us know if that helps.



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Underside of frame/Bridge near the left hand tube: All it says is: " Limited Edition B-344" No letter E or 9-digit number. Even looked with a jeweler's loupe.

Is "B-344" the serial #?

This is driving me crazy.... I just need to get the interocular adjustment tightened up, the right tube cleaned/re-sealed and the alignment checked.


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Have a look at the December 23, 2013 thread "8x20 limited edition" in the Swarovski forum here. There is some information which may be helpful, and includes a discussion of serial numbers but unfortunately not very specific. It appears this was a special edition limited to 1000 models and according to the old thread the serial number would begin with a B. So B -344 could be the serial number. Apparently these were manufactured in @ 1995 so the service person may not be familiar with the model or the different serial numbering system, if that is correct.

Good luck and hope this helps.


John A Roberts

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Some information so you can get this sorted . . .

The Swarovski 8x20 Pocket model was introduced in 1989 (with the 10x25 following in 1992), and production ended in 2013

During the period, Swarovski used 3 main patterns of serial numbers on the Pocket line:
- from 1989, ‘2+A+5’ - limited to the Pocket line, along with AZF and DT telescopes (I’ve observed Pocket numbering from 59F 40094 to 60F 49349)

- from Jan 1991, ‘A+7’ - the then general use pattern (observed from E61 02079 to E61 26300)

- from Aug 1991, ‘A+9’ - the current general use pattern (observed from E6149 01686 to E8315 58019)

see my posts for a detailed explanation: https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=369004 - especially the first 2 attachments

During the period, Swarovski also produced various limited edition 8x20’s
However, only one of these has unique serial numbering, the 1995 Century Edition
It was introduced to mark the establishment of the original Swarovski crystal business in Wattens Austria in 1895

The model has unique grooved silver/ rhodium coated body covers - see the attached images from a 2015 eBay listing by gill_123
And I’ve observed the following numbering: A-232 to A-709; B-004 to B-995, and C-315 to C-646

I imagine the problem that the folks at SONA are having, is that when they key your serial number into their computer, the number is not recognised as a valid format
So try referring them to this post, and hopefully they’ll follow up with their Austrian counterparts

All the best


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You provided a valuable and useful clue. I just checked my Africa limited edition and of course it has a 4 digit serial number preceded by an A as you said. Putting two and two together, it seems even more likely B-344 is the serial number of this particular model 8x20 limited edition.

Nsege, you can use the Limited edition series Africa and Polar 8x30 CL with their different serial numbering systems as a much more recent example if the service person doesn't recognize "B-344" as a serial number.



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Thank you all...very informative. I may refer the customer service representative to this forum if he has any questions as to whether or not "B-344" is the serial number.

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