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8x25 Porroprism binocular. (1 Viewer)


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G.W.S. in a half circle. On right back plate.
Field 6.5 degrees.

Left back plate.
Perfex in a triangle

Notes in brown hard case.
Uncommon size for Porroprism binocular.
Condition Mint.
Good quality
Good quality case
Leather straps
1960s U.K.?

£20 good price for such unusually good condition.
Prisms large enough for no vignetting.
Very nice.
Weight 409g.

Caged prisms, marked 9L and 9R.

I thought possibly French, but they wouldn't mark prisms L and R.

However, 15 Nov 2020.
Maybe British? Kershaw or Ross or Taylor Hobson or Wray?

The inside of the case has a special panel with an insert saying If found please return to:

Some pincushion distortion.
Very sharp centrally.
Transmission guess 75%.
No central CA.
Just detectable edge CA.

The binocular actually fits in my pocket.
Fairly high quality.

Hinge very stiff after 15 years and 50 plus years.
But freeing up.

Handy size binocular.



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There are 4 tight fitting white plastic caps for objectives and eyepieces.

The dioptre on the right eyepiece is very accurately set at zero.
It is marked +2 to -3 but probably goes from plus 6 to minus 8 dioptres.

The IPD markings are also accurate.

The lenses and the prisms are blue coated but not on every surface.

The G.W.S. might be Gamages Wholesale Stores, but this is just a guess. It could be something else.

There is a loop inside the top of the case maybe for filters? (or a miniature of Gordons gin?).

If this binocular was fully multicoated it would be very useful even today.



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I do know of the Perfex brand of cameras made in the U.S.A., possibly in Chicago.
But this binocular doesn't seem related to the cameras.

Perfex in France is mentioned as a retailer not a maker.

I found a 7x35 binocular with exactly the same markings as my 8x25.
This is made in Japan, but the 8x25 shows no mention of Japan, although it looks like it was made in Japan or the U.K.
The case may be U.K. made and the binocular Japanese.
There were restrictions of imports above about £5 wholesale, so this might be a possibility.

Anyway the 8x25 looks like new, but with older c.1960 coatings.
It is well made.
It seems that G.W.S. may be a retailer rather than a maker.


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