A Big "hello" From The Richmond, Virginia, Usa Area (1 Viewer)


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Hello from my little "crossroads"....Aylett, VA......a suburb of Richmond! I love photographing birds, so I believe I may just fit in with you "folks" from around the "World". Will be glad to share my "photos" as we go along....:t:

KC Foggin

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Hi there and a warm welcome to you from those of us on staff here at BirdForum :t:

We're glad you found us and thanks for taking a moment to say hello ;)


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Welcome to Birdforum! I am sure you will find lots to interest you here, and I hope that you enjoy your visits.

delia todd

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Hi teaberryeagle and a warm welcome from me too

I'm sure you will enjoy it here and I'll look forward to hearing all your news.


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