A Flock Of Starlings (1 Viewer)

A flock of at least five hundred starlings in the darkening evening sky
Towards the reed beds in the swamplands for to roost they quickly fly
In a tight flock together they fly at such great speed
They seem to be quite leaderless a leader they don't need
The way they fly in tight flocks could be an anti predator thing
Of the praises of the starling you won't hear many sing
Yet despite human attempts to curtail them they seem to multiply
They are the great survivors of them that none can deny
The commonest of common birds some of them known to say
But they can look quite beautiful in the bright sun of day
Their feathers that look dark brown on overcast days to them have a purply sort of sheen
At least that's how they do appear when in the sunshine seen
At high speed in a tightly knit flock in their zig zag flight on their way
To the reedbeds in the swamplands in the twilight of the day.

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