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A growing addiction.... (1 Viewer)


Hi all,

Just to give you a quick update. After toing and froing quite a lot, I eventually decided to order the Ultravid 7x42 HD Plus instead the Ultravid 8x32 HD Plus. My reasons were as follows...

Where I live we don't get a lot of bright sunny days. It's overcast and relatively dark quite a lot (especially at this time of year). Even though my pupils don't really open up more than 4mm (as far as I can tell) I still think the 7x42 will be a little brighter

Where I live it is often very windy. On a still say I can use my Ultravid 10x50 HD Plus very well, but if it is windy is just too difficult to keep them stable enough. On very windy days even my Trinovid 8x42 is a challenge. I think a 7x42 with its larger exit pupil and lower magnification will be more forgiving under these conditions than a 8x32.

I have a good system for carrying a mid sized binocular, but the 8x32 is too small for this system to work. This means that the smaller size of the 8x32 is in some ways a very slight disadvantage for me.

The 8x32 is very compact indeed, but the 7x42 is not exactly huge. It is only a little larger and heavier. If I want something really small I'll use my Trinovid 8x20.

Of course there are many good reasons to choose the 8x32 over the 7x42 also, but these are the main reasons I chose the 7x42 in the end.

I hope to receive it on Monday or Tuesday. I will try to remember to let you know if it lives up to my expectations.

Mike F

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The 8x32 is very compact indeed, but the 7x42 is not exactly huge. It is only a little larger and heavier. If I want something really small I'll use my Trinovid 8x20.
This was perhaps the main reason why I thought you'd be better to go for the 7x42. All the best with them, and do let us know how it goes!


Sorry for leaving it so long to give my feedback on this.

Short feedback: I’m absolutely satisfied in every way with my new Ultravid 7x42 HD+ binoculars.

If you remember, I was a very satisfied user of the Trinovid 8x20 for many years. Those little binoculars still blow me away the are so incredible even after more than 20 years. After much hesitation I bought a Trinovid 8x42 as my first full sized binoculars. At first I could not notice much difference between the two and thought I had wasted my money, but over time I learned to appreciate the 8x42 Trinovid more and more.

My excuse for getting these binoculars is Mountain Rescue, but please understand this is really just an excuse. I use my binoculars almost every day. I use them on rescues maybe 3 – 4 times and year.

The 8x42 Trinovids I bought are, I believe, the finest Trinovids ever produced (and that’s saying something). They were the ones produced between 2012 and 2015 – immediately prior to the latest “HD” iteration.

For my use, the 8x42 Trinovids were all I ever needed. They are simply a joy to use, and this is the reason I use them most of the time. I just love them.


I started using them more and more while mounted on a tripod. This started initially during a search operation in fading light, but I quickly began to appreciate how using a good tripod can enhance the overall experience. Tripods are a pain in the a** but the viewing experience through them is on another level – really transformative.

I wanted to get something with more magnification to use primarily on a tripod, but I wanted something I had a reasonable chance of handholding too so I got a Ultravid 10x50HD+. I did try a used Trinovid 10x50 BA first, but I could not get the eyecups adjusted in a way that allowed me to experience the full view without blackouts.

My mistake was to the get the HD+ version.

The Ultravid 10x50HD+ had a level of brightness and sparkle that my beloved Trinovid 8x42 lacked…

So, even though it was the joy of using my Trinovid 8x42 that got all this started, I was now in the market for a HD+ with 8x magnification – the hedonic treadmill well underway…

As this thread records, I seriously considered the Ultravid 8x32HD+ because it is lighter, cheaper, and more compact. My eyes cannot take full advantage of the larger exit pupil anyway so this seemed to make sense. In the end however I chose the Ultravid 7x42 HD+ binoculars and as I mentioned above I am entirely satisfied.


The differences between the Ultravid 7x42 HD+ and Trinovid 8x42 binoculars are marginal to say the least. I imagine most people who do not regularly use binoculars would not be able to tell the difference. They are both astonishingly good. I have to admit that I was again underwhelmed when I first tried the Ultravid 7x42 HD+, but I knew from before that it takes time to appreciate the subtle differences.


The sparkle – the elusive sparkle that I was looking for. The Ultravid 7x42 HD+ has it.

The handling – the Trinovid 8x42 handles beautifully, but the Ultravid 7x42 HD+ is just a tiny bit better

The weight – the Ultravid 7x42 HD+ is a tiny bit lighter – less than 100g but when you carry the binoculars for a long time each day this makes a difference

Stability – the lower magnification of the Ultravid 7x42 HD+ binoculars does allow for steadier handheld viewing, but again the difference is quite small

Exit pupil – the larger exit pupil may make the Ultravid 7x42 HD+ easier to use in high winds, but this is really hard to verify

In summary, if you are not using binoculars regularly, and if you are not using them simply for the joy of using them like I do, then I don’t think the marginal improvements would be worth the higher price. If you just want binoculars to do a job and do it well then you would be very well served by the “old” Trinovid. However, for me, there is no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice.

Please remember that I am talking about the 2012 – 2015 Trinovid binoculars. I don’t know anything about the new Trinovid HD binoculars.


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I know that MayoMike's decision has been made, but will add my thoughts for the benefit of anyone who might have interest.

I got curious about Leica and bought a pair of Ultravid 8x32 HD Plus last week. I've been using them for a week, comparing to my Conquest HD 8x32 and Victory SF 8x32.

What I love about the UV 8x32HD+ is the enchanting "look" of the image - snappier contrast, more saturated colors, more warmth. Sort of an enhancement to reality, it seems - the look that is. The build quality on the Ultravid is awesome. Sharpness is fantastic. And the size and weight is dramatically small, in comparison. My main complaint with the Ultravid is the stiff focusing wheel makes it a little more difficult to "fine tune" focus than the focus wheels with the Zeiss bins. And, the ease-of-use with these tiny Ultravids is not the greatest.

I have concluded for myself that the very small size and light weight of the UV 8x32HD+, combined with the stiff focus wheel, is such that I don't find them as easy to use as my Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 or Zeiss Victory SF 8x32. That said, if having such a small size and light weight was very important to me - I would keep the UV 8x32's! (I already have two Swaro CL Pockets - 8x25 and 10x25 - for "carrying around).

So today, I ordered a pair of Leica Ultravid HD Plus in 7x42 size. I've definitely been won-over by the "enhanced reality" look to the image provided by Leica bins! And, I think that being slightly larger than the Ultravid 8x32's, I will enjoy using the 7x42's more. Plus, there is that "twilight" application, when lighting is dim, where I think I'll really enjoy the 7x42's.

If I didn't already have the two Swaro Pocket CL bins, I probably would have kept the UV8x32's. But those Swarovski Pocket CL bins are pretty sweet, and incredibly compact and lightweight.

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