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A question about gallery rules. (1 Viewer)


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I know this isn't quite what this forum section is for, but I wasn't sure where else to ask it.

Are animals that have been temporarily captured, specifically to move them from a dangerous place, allowed in the gallery? For example, if a fledgeling bird makes its way into the middle of a road, or if an insect or lizard gets into my house (where there are cats), would a picture taken while moving them to safety be allowed? Assuming it was a very quick candid photo, or taken after the animal was released, and not one taken by holding the animal for longer than was required for its safe removal.
I have a couple of photos of lizards, and several of interesting insects, taken while removing them from my home. And I was wondering, in general, in what circumstances (if any) captured animals are allowed. Since there are a few reasonable situations in which one might capture an animal for the animal's own good, rather than catching it simply for a photo or for fun. I would completely understand if any captured animals at all are not allowed, since it can be difficult to know why an animal was caught.

(I know fledgeling birds are not normally supposed to be moved, but I have moved a couple of fledgeling doves that I saw in the middle of the road. I worried that drivers wouldn't be able to see the road-colored doves as birds, or wouldn't recognize them. Both times, I moved them only to underneath a bush at the side of the road, and left them alone immediately.)


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"The gallery is for wild, untamed and free-roaming creatures. Please do not post pictures of pets, caged or kept birds or animals."

Maybe you should check as suggested, but I would think a photo of an animal in the house would be fine (eg in the corner of the room), some creatures habitually inhabit people's homes after all . A photograph in the process of being rescued would also be fine as documenting the rescue imo, but I think a candid shot and not involving it being posed etc. I guess it depends on if it seen as a slippery slope to other categories of images of indoor or captive creatures?

I wonder if there any photos of birds in the hand being rung in the gallery?


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Ah, I'll re-post this in the other section. I thought from the title it would be only for announcements by moderators, not for general site questions.

I would consider a house spider building a web in a house to be a completely wild animal. They do fine in houses, after all. I would personally consider most other wild animals in a house to be in a dangerous situation, since they're at risk from dehydration, accidentally being trod on, and cats.
When removing insects from my house, I tend to take a picture if it's something interesting, as I don't think an extra 5 seconds in the container would do them any harm. I also like to find out what they are, and it's much easier to take a picture of, say, a mud dauber while it's in a cup. They tend to leave fast.

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