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Acrocephalus Warbler (1 Viewer)


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Hi all

I photographed and managed to sound-record this small acrocephalus warbler in Pretoria, South Africa, but was hoping for some opinions on it from some international/European birders with more experience with this genus.

The two regular options for South Africa would be African Reed-Warbler and Marsh Warbler. I'm leaning towards Marsh Warbler based on the habitat (quite far from water, in a dense, shrubby tree with a very weedy undergrowth), the buffy (not rufous) tones to its plumage, the pale claws and the fact that its song lacks the rythmic regularity of a reed warbler.

The things concerning me are the rather short and stubby wings in the second photo (I also attached a third photo of the wings - I think they may look a little longer here though) and local birders have said that the song doesn't seem to have enough mimicry for Marsh Warbler. I would love to hear your opinions on whether the wings and song are still within range for Marsh Warbler though. Perhaps someone could even pick up some mimicry in the song (European birds perhaps?).

Thank you!

Keanu Canto


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The recording sounds just right - a singing Marsh Warbler for me. I have one in my garden every year :). E.g. between 9-11 sec there is mimicry of Common Linnet.

The pictures are more diffucult. The wings do look short but it might be due to active moult...

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