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Such a lovely day yesterday and the birdies were out in force. When I got home from work I topped up the feeders and went upstairs with my binoculars. Along with all my usual bunch (tits of all breeds, siskins who have fledged and feeding babies, a lovely spotty robin hopping in, my first baby robin this year, the list goes on) there was a pair of redpoll, a pair of reed bunting and a pair of Sparrows and a quick visit from a pair of Bullfinch. A ray of hope with all 4 species declining that there might follow a few babies. If Mr and Mrs Sparrowhawk don't pick any of them off.

The next step for me is to buy a digital camera with a zoom so that I can get some nice photos to share of my feathered friends.

My housemartins are back. Built my house 7 years ago and have had the pleasure of their company every year. i couldn't figure out why they hadn't finished their nest I was afraid they had left again. I happened to be watching when they came yesterday and as soon as they had put the mud up on the wall along came a Starling and took it away. Very strange. Must see if this would be a normal occurrance.

Never a dull moment since I started feeding the birds. Life is good.

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