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Advice for Dubai needed (1 Viewer)


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Hello together,

end of March I will be in Dubai.

It seems there are good watching points in the town.


Is it possible to go bird watching via public transport e.g. with underground or is car more flexible ?
How is the traffic in Dubai at friday, saturday and sunday ?

Is there any area for accomodation recommended where is rather quite area, if exists in Dubai ?
Is there any accomodation recommended for about max. 100 - 120 Euro per night for single person ?

Thank You very much.

Best regards


Mad scientist
Hi Dieter, I can only speak from my own limited experience (1 day in Abu Dhabi) but public transport in the UAE seems very limited and not that cheap. The place is very much set up for cars (extensive network of big roads, LOTS of speed cameras) and rental is cheap and easy. I'd recommend you get a car to not waste a lot of time, plus it's your own mobile bit of air conditioning....

mark clements

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My only comment to travellers to any Emirate, is to check your medications against the government lists. Some usual prescriptions in the UK are banned substances in UAE and any attempt to import them, even with a prescription and for personal use can result in a 4 yr prison sentence. This is a mandatory sentence for a defacto case of carrying the med.
I have done business and personal visits, and need to get alternative meds prior to visits.
There have been cases where a person who had never used but had apparently trodden on a reefer in Amsterdam was taken in by border control.
I am just saying that you must be aware and comply with local rules.


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Harry, thank You very much for this very important advice.
It means, you can get big trouble if doctor prescribe medicine which is usuall in Europe, but not allowed in Dubai ?
Do You know examples or where to check which medicine is allowed.
For Asia I need something in emergency Malaria case like Lariam.
For getting cold I would take Paracetamol and some Ricola drop.
For back some ABC plaster.

I suppose medicin against pain can be big problem.
It US it is used to prescribe medicine against pain, which based on Opium.
Many fatal cases exists, where people get dependend of this medicine and died like Prince Roger Nelson.
This kind of medicine prescribed also more in Europe, because it is very cheap, my main doctor told. My main doctor normally do not prescribe such medicine.

mark clements

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There was a list on the Dubai government site, when I get back home I'll try to find it.
I was on cocodamol which had codeine, and was a no no that's how I found out bestH

mark clements

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That looks like the list.
I sat with my doctor and checked which of the meds I could take and which I couldn't.
He then prescribed alternatives.
It's a daunting looking list, but your doctor should be able to help, or phamacist in some countries.
I have never had any problems at all, but they did check my meds bag (unfortunately quite extensive) whilst in transit once, even though I was not staying.
Others may have had different experiences.
Be sure to get the up to date list.
My colleagues have said I over worry things, but I have a history of working in risk...

mark clements

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I am not a health professional, but have two long term conditions that means I carry meds, and have been on international and world bodies (including 52 international flights in one year) so just had to be aware.
Seriously it was just a discussion with my doctor to get stuff sorted out.

mark clements

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It seems to be a bit more relaxed now, please see this recent extract from 5 January 2018

The UAE embassy advice says: “Individuals may bring medicine into the country for their personal use. Up to three months’ supply of a prescription item can be brought into the country by a visitor and 12 months’ supply by a resident if they can produce a doctor’s letter or a copy of the original prescription.”

It adds: “Visitors must take care to ensure that medicines and medications prescribed in their home countries are not restricted before travelling to the UAE.”
Which prescription medications are illegal in the UAE?

Visitors are advised to contact the Ministry of Health drug control department to check whether their medication is on the controlled list and needs prior permission to be brought into the country.

The Ministry of Health lists all unauthorised medicines on its website, with 71 currently prohibited. If you’re visiting the UAE, it’s best to check any medication you plan to take against this list; medications which are completely legal in the UK, such as painkillers containing codeine, can get you arrested and convicted when travelling through customs there. For example, Exedrin Tension Headache Tablets, Tylenol Arthritis Pain Caplets, Niquitin Mint Lozenges and Otrivin Nasal Spray are all on the banned list

The list is here


it seems less daunting.


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Bit worrying about the Nicotine lozenges as I have been there twice with Nicotine chewing gum and not had a problem, both times via a cruise and both times visited Safa park.... found some good local birds within the park and felt very safe birding.

Found this online


Bird species including red vented bulbul, yellow vented bulbul, pied myna, common myna, hoopoe, laughing dove, purple sunbird, indian roller to list but a few.
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Hi David
We also found Safa Park nice and quiet and very safe and had some good results in just a couple of hours, Flamingos, egyptian geese, rollers, hoopoes, red wattle lapwings, bee eaters, stilts and you get a good skyline of Dubai at the same time
Good luck


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In Safa park I saw not so much birds in afternoon.
Dubai creek park was very good in the morning.
Very good was Ras al Khor.
There are 2 spots.
The first has good panaramic view with diffenernt raptors and extrem high chance for Greater spotted Eagle in this time.
But also Ibis, Pelican and different herons.
The other place is excellent for Flamingos. When water come because high tide, there was also waders and terns.

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