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Advice on bird feeding (1 Viewer)


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We have had a bird feeder hanging from a roof eave over our patio for many years. Whenever we are away for a week or two or three, the feeder stays empty and it takes a few days after we refill it upon our return for the birds to come back to feed.

We replaced our roof in late December and the feeder was taken down for four days while the work proceeded. We expected it might take a couple of days for them to return, but it's been five weeks since it was rehung and, apart from a couple of sparrows who returned one day, birds are not visiting us anymore. Any idea why they are shunning it and what we might do to attract them to come back?

For what it's worth, I live just aside Philadelphia so it's winter here and fairly chilly these days (although not like most winters).

Thanks for any suggestions.


KC Foggin

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A warm welcome to you Jan.

It does sound strange for them to stay away so long. Is the feeder lower than it was so that they don't feel safe?
Usually Chickadees are the first ones to not be leary of a new feeder and I can almost guarantee that they will start the feeding frenzy among the other birds.

Might there be too much action around the feeder?

Other than the above, I can't really tell you what's going on. All my feeders are under trees so they can hide quickly if they feel threatened by another bird or a BOP.

Please let us know when they return and enjoy your time on BF!


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Thanks, KC. Unfortunately, they're still not back. So mysterious.

To answer your suggestions/questions: The feeder's at the same height it's always been, and there's really no activity around it at all that could spook them. It's right next to a large evergreen tree where they (used to) shelter before perching on the feeder. So sad that they're not returning. I occasionally spot a solitary titmouse or sparrow who stops by briefly but other than not, no activity at all. It's been 7 or 8 weeks now!

Someone gave me a thistle feeder for Christmas, which I haven't hung yet, but perhaps when I do, some will be intrigued by that and return.

I really appreciate that you took the time to respond. Thanks!

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