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AGW and rising sea levels (1 Viewer)


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As litebeam says very interesting, and shows how clever birds can be proved it is deliberate and not a side effect of another behaviour. Seems very likely birds like kites do benefit from wildfires. Not sure culling raptors is the solution to AGW though ....

As an aside, is it possible to get more unrelated ads and [email protected] on a webpage?


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Wow, very interesting...
The Black Kite is a widely distributed raptor over most of the world (save the americas and poles), with either resident and/or migrant status over large parts of Oceania, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

I wonder if this 'fire propagation' behaviour is exhibited and documented in other similar environments (grasslands, and open woodlands) elsewhere in the world ?

Here is some further information from a source link in the original article .....

and some more extracts here .... https://tinsera.info/2018/01/09/australian-birds-steal-fire-to-smoke-out-prey/

Chosun :gh:
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We've had an unbelievably cool and wet Spring here. One can always count on the weather to change....it's what weather (and climate) does.


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With all the hoohah over hot temperatures lately, it pays to bear in mind that the hottest temperature ever recorded on earth remains the 56.7°C (134°F) at Greenland Ranch, Death Valley, California recorded on the 10th July, 1913 ..... nearly 105 years ago! :eek!:

Chosun :gh:

I've never felt as hot as in Death Valley, it was like stepping into a furnace...sweat instantly evaporating. UAE in June was a close second!

But spare a thought for poor old Iceland, they've had rain every single day since the beginning of May :eek!:

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