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MY own ID for this wader is a Little Stint, can anyone confirm that it is or not please. The photo was taken last week at Quinta Do Lago.

Thanks for any help in ID.


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Looks like a Grey Plover to me, cos of bill size/shape.
However I have no books to hand...
So I'm prepared to back-pedal!!!


Bah humbug
Agree with Grey Plover. Guessing you may have been misled by the distance or if it was on its own.....

(Interesting avatar pic by the way ;) .... looks like the robin has comedy arms reaching off out of shot lol .....)


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Thanks dddiver, Michael, dogfish and Dan!:t:

The wader was on one of the inlets of the Ria Formosa and as Dan has mentioned it was at a distance and one of just a handful there.

Your help is very much appreciated all of you!:t:

I am now looking at my avatar Robin in a different light, Dan!:-O

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