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Amazon.com and sharks (1 Viewer)


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Unbelievable, it looks as though one product had been pulled due to complaints but whats the point if they are going to continue to sell it anyway, albeit in a different packaging?

sharks and CITES

I believe there are 4 sharks in CITES Appendix II: great white, basking, whale and white. Could this be used as a tool against companies that sell sharkfin soup? i.e. "Prove to me that your soup doesn't contain these sharks." Of course, I'm not sure who has the burden of proof and I'm also not sure what country you need an export permit from when the animal is pelagic...


Graham Howard Shortt
whomes said:
Apparently they sell books made from trees as well.

What's your point, Phil? Are you suggesting that forestry and the shark fin trade are morally equivalent? Are you even slightly serious? Do you know anything about this trade?

Even if you are prepared to disregard the cruelty on the grounds that sharks are primitive animals of limited sentience do you not have any concern for the broader conservation issues?



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Mmmm, all good questions Graham. Am I even slightly serious? Yes. Slightly. But my poor sense of humour gets the better of me sometimes.

Do I know anything about this trade? Not really.

Do I have any concern for broader conservation issues? Yes, but there's only so much of the world you can save and care about on your own. And, to my shame, I'm fairly hypocritical when it comes to issues like flying and recycling.

Unfortunately I have a knee-jerk reaction when anyone singles out a successful commercial business for this kind of criticism. There are so many harmful and cruel practices occurring all over the planet, that to start a thread on this forum for each one would probably overload the servers. Most of the guilty are not big businesses, but major governments.

Does all this make me care any less about birds and their environment? No, definitely not.

Am I a selfish, nasty human being? Yes, probably. Sorry.


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whomes said:
There are so many harmful and cruel practices occurring all over the planet, that to start a thread on this forum for each one would probably overload the servers.

I take this point Phil, I would however argue that shark-finning is so abhorrent, whether your concern is from an environmental or animal welfare perspective, and happily now not something most major western corporations will go near (see the disney Hk furore) that when one does; it a) warrants a mention and b) may cause a large portion of BF members to rethink their custom with what I think is generally thought of as an environmentally ok brand. I think the facts regarding finning back me up on this and I also think its something that a bit of pressure should easily change.


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Isurus - Apologies, my failed attempt at satire,and my apathy to this matter, was by no means meant as a criticism of you for caring about this subject.

Just because it's a cause that's low down on my agenda doesn't mean I think everyone should share this view.

I, however, will still continue to use Amazon.
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No worries Phil, as it happens I will also be continuing to use amazon because:


Amazon has pulled the soup from its inventory. They are continuing to sell shark cartillage products and some shark steaks which is less than ideal but these are far more sustainable than the major problem which is the finning industry - congrats to those at wetpixel and everyone else involved and well done to amazon for acknowledging people's concerns in this way.

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