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An interesting recovery! or maybe not? (1 Viewer)


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For pictures and a more detailed report, Kindly click this link; https://birdinginpakistan.blogspot.com/2020/04/another-bird-rining-episode.html
I always wanted to ring birds and track their movement but that is way out of my reach. I bought a pair of Petronias in April from a market with the intention of freeing them, they were artificially colored. I thought that this artificial coloring might affect their lives if i free them so i kept them for a time thinking that their color would easily be washed, but it didn't.They were two males gaining the breeding plumage. I didn't have any bird rings at that time so i fashioned two rings out of plastic wires :) , the names as they came out were: "CAB" and "MILL". I thought as the color wasn't going so maybe i should just free them.
But i found one of them dead which really made me heart broken so i made urgent plans of releasing the other one, which i ringed with the ring "MILL", and released him from my balcony and left it in the hands of Mother nature.I used to look out on the faraway trees just to get a sight of MILL but i lost hope after getting nothing after few weeks.
Today, i was trying to capture some birds which i could see from my balcony and i found a large sparrow at a pretty long distance above the school in front of our building.I captured the bird and when i zoomed in i found it was MILL without its artificial colors! long time no see but still i got to see! The shot isn't that clear but still and MILL somehow removed the ring.


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Sadly, there is no way to say that that was the caged bird you bought from the market, particularly as it was unringed. Despite the sadness we feel at seeing " wild" birds for sale in markets we have to think very carefully about buying them from the traders, it may encourage them to collect more, and releasing them back into the wild - they may have been bred in captivity. Supply and demand. Better to try to educate them to look after nature rather than exploit it. Does Karachi not have a Zoological or Natural Scientific Society?


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Thank you Pat for the insight. I did consider this thing but I just could not leave them be. Our state of aviculture is worse and captive breeding i.e providing supply and demand is not possible and so are our wildlife authorities. They do not even care what is being sold in the wildlife trade market.
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