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An Irruptive Species Year (1 Viewer)

After reading reports of a poor pinecone seed crop this year in Canada, I have been watching my WNY birdfeeders for irruptive species.

Before and after every cold front moved in, I checked ahead and behind of the fronts for bird activity that might include unusual birds feeding in my birdfeeding area.

Sure enough, starting SEP 28 and continuing with daily visits, have been 2 Red-Breasted Nuthatches.

And in OCT I added Pine siskins and then Evening Grosbeaks, which have never been seen by me at my birdfeeders before this. I have been birdwatching for about 10 years now.

Also reported to be in my area but not seen by me yet, are Common Redpolls and Red Crossbills.



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Congratulations!! I am so jealous....I live in Ottawa, and although there have been reports of Pine siskins and Evening Grosbeaks visiting feeders, I still haven't seen these birds! Both would be lifers for me, so I've been keeping a sharp eye on my own feeders these days. (We have red-breasted nuthatches year round and they will take seed from my hand!)

One of the problems I have, I think, is that I live in a new subdivision that has hardly any mature trees. Out of curiosity, what kind of neighbourhood do you live in?

I've been walking some of the woodland trails in hopes of finding them, and although I added Fox Sparrow to my life list recently I've had no luck with the "winter finches". I really hope they will stick around for the winter and not pass us by.

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