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Anhinga rufa vulsini Bangs, O 1918 (1 Viewer)


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Anhinga rufa vulsini Bangs, 1918 OD v.61 (1917-1918) - Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College - Biodiversity Heritage Library
Type. - Adult ♂ . M. C. Z. 77,550. Maevatanana, Madagascar, September 9, 1915. F. R. Wulsin.
Turdus wulsini Riley, 1925 OD v.38 (1925) - Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington - Biodiversity Heritage Library
Coracopsis vasa wulsini Bangs, 1929 OD Proc . New Eng . Zoöl . Club , 11 , 31 Oct. , 1929 , p . 50

Chinese Blackbird Turdus wulsini Riley, 1925 NCR [Alt. Common Blackbird ssp.; JS Turdus merula mandarinus]
African Darter ssp. Anhinga rufa vulsini Bangs, 1918
Greater Vasa Parrot ssp. Coracopsis vasa wulsini Bangs, 1929 NCR [JS Coracopsis vasa drouhardi]
Professor Dr Frederick Roelker Wulsin (1891–1961) was an archaeologist, anthropologist, ornithologist and general naturalist. Harvard awarded his bachelor's degree(1913) and PhD (1929). He tutored in anthropology there (1926–1927) and undertook research at Boston University (1932–1941). He was at Tufts College in Massachusetts (1945), becoming Professor of Anthropology (1947–1957). He was in East Africa and Madagascar (1914-1915). In Asia (1921-1924) he led the National Geographic Society's Central China Expedition and collected reptiles and birds in Inner Mongolia, Kansu and Chihli. He was later in India (1924), Belgian Congo and French Equatorial Africa (1927–1928). Later, in Persia (1931), he carried out excavations at the archeological site of Tureng Tepe. His papers include 'Responses of man toa hot environment' (1943) and'Adaptations to climate among non European peoples' (1949). A mammal is named after him.

Prof. Frederick Roelker Wulsin (1891-1961) US zoologist, anthropologist, archaeologist, explorer, collector in tropical Africa, Madagascar and the Far East (subsp. Anhinga rufa).
Prof. Frederick Roelker Wulsin (1891-1961) US anthropologist, archaeologist in East Africa 1914-1915 and Asia 1921-1924 (syn. Coracopsis vasa drouhardi, syn. Turdus merula mandarinus).
Sure him Dr Frederick Roelker Wulsin (1891-1961) - Find a... or picture File:Frederick R Wulsin 1921 (22063914025) (cropped).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

So everthing fine. I just ask myself if vulsini shouldn't be renamed to wulsini according the Code.

Feel free to add any of relevance to him.
I just ask myself if vulsini shouldn't be renamed to wulsini according the Code.

I'd tend to treat it as a (possible) deliberate latinization -- w is a letter that did not exist in the original Latin alphabet, and v would be a rather logical replacement. See, e.g., Wien in German, which becomes Vienna in Latin. (Or Wikipedia, which becomes Vicipædia. ;))
The Code requires corrections only in cases where there is positive evidence of an inadvertent error in the OD : from the moment that an 'unexpected' spelling could conceivably have been deliberately chosen by the author, this condition is automatically not fulfilled.
Nothing much, just a confirmation, simply for completeness sake ...
Coracopsis vasa wulsini Bangs, 1929 OD Proc . New Eng . Zoöl . Club , 11 , 31 Oct. , 1929 , p . 50

• Bangs, O. 1929. An undescribed form of the Greater Vasa Parrot. Proceedings of the New England Zoölogical Club 11: 49–50 = here:
I take much pleasure in naming the Western Greater Vasa parrot after its discoverer, Dr. F. R. Wulsin.

Coracopsis vasa wulsini subsp. nov.

Type, from Miandrivazo, western Madagascar, M. C. Z., no. 78,284, adult male, collected by F. R. Wulsin, June 23, 1915.



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