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I was busy decorating this morning, so didn't get much chance to keep an eye on the feeders,but after lunch I thought I would sit up in the study, do some work on the computer and keep a watch on the back garden.
I'm glad I did.
The cold and the snow has certainly brought the birds in and it was a hive of activity. Suddenly a bird flew in and went to land under the feeders. Unfortunatley, something spooked it and it flew straight out again, but not before I got a good look at it.
A Woodcock!
Yes, it was definitely a Woodcock and a first for my garden. Let's hope it returns sometime.
The GS Woodpecker is also around most days and two Pied Wagtails have also joined the throng on the floor.
My main problem is the number of starlings. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind them coming, but they are so agile they dominate all the feeders - even the peanut feeder.
I have put up a log with holes in, filled with peanut butter (non-salted) and peanuts to attract the woodpecker and hopefully a nuthatch, but the starlings attack it straight away.
If only I could find a feeder that they would go to and leave everything else alone.
I want tto go out and find a longer, thick branch which I can place in an upright position and drill some holes in. If I choose a smoother branch, then PERHAPS the starlings will have trouble gripping it.
Oh well, back to the boring job of editing photos that have built up on the compact flash card.


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WE had a Woodcock actually flew over our garden on Thursday last week, a first for us. And due to the bad weather we had a female Reed Bunting using the feeders this morning.


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You are right, even got 2 Bramblings this morning.

Keeping all feeders topped up and even getting a 25kg bag and 100 fat balls delivered tomorrow.

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