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david avis

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Catching up with ids for recent trappings, I keep coming unstuck on the tortrixes (tortrices?). From UK moths this looks like Pandemis cinnamomeana, but this doesn't necessarily fit the garden habitat or flight period (this was caught on 10th Aug). Is this actually a Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix?
Sorry it's a rubbish picture.


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Brian Stone

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My money's on cerasana but far from certain. If it's cinnamomeana it would have to be a female, males have white around the head.

Brian Stone

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For fascia read crossline, in this case the broad darker band. The basal edge of this is angled differently in ceresana and heperana. I still find this hard to see in many of these.


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P. heparana is easiest to separate from other Pandemis species by the shape of the basal line, which is curved outwards in the middle.

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