Any help re: downloading birdsong?


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Howdy folks, I've already got an excellent 4CD set... the audio version of "The Bad Birdwatcher's Companion" - great info. and recordings of bird calls/songs - but what I want is an 'abbreviated' version - i.e. many and various U.K./European birdsongs and calls all on one CD.

I've used this link already and have been able to download samples -

Does anyone know of any other good sites that I can use?

Any help appreciated.



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Trouble is... each track is quite lengthy due to the accompanying narration... I'd have to chop each track down to do this and rckon it'd be a nightmare... I've made simple recordings on my mobile simply by holding the mic. near to the speakers... so I've got an 'in-the-field' sort of 'audiobook' - but still require short, clean copies to put on CD.




Brilliant suggestion! ive just loaded all my bird MP3's onto my phone in a few mins.

I found all mine on a site a few weeks back, can't quite remember it but i just had to click on them then save. A quick google search might prove lucky but i can't be any more help, sorry.


Mike Feely

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Spend £50 on the 2 x mp3 cd Vogelstimmen set - 2817 recordings of 819 WP species, superb.

The quality is excellent (including some from the Sound Approach team); you're unlikely to ever need any more recordings for European birds.

I now have them all both on my computer and on an mp3 player (with an integrated speaker, just in case!) - fifty quid very well spent, i think.

There are sites on the net that you can download files from, but in my experience, the quality varies *alot* and there is very little consitency of format, meaning that several of the sites have files that you either cannot listen to unless you have some very specific software, or they cannot be downloaded - it's a bit of a frustrating minefield to be honest, hence my resorting to buying the best complete set available.


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Cheers for the info. Mike, but as a 'newbie' I'm after some of the more 'common' ones in order to start with the basics... and to be honest, at this stage in my learning, I'd consider £50 to be a bit steep if you know what I mean.

I may well consider that in the future though, so please don't think I'm turning my nose up here - your input very much appreciated.




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Cheers Knocker.

I've found some others and 'MP3'd them onto my 'phone instead... now that probbly works better because I can 'see' the birds when they're on my phone's screen (i.e. each name in the text') so that's okay... an advantage over my CD player in that respect.

I'll be getting another audio CD in the future, but for this month I've spent up my 'birding budget' on new bins and a couple of books as it is... we're all starving and huddled round a single match (unlit... we're waiting until it gets too cold) because of my spending... but it's worth it.

But to buy another CD at this point in time - I'd be shot where I stood providing my missus could scrap enough coppers together to buy a bullet, otherwise it'd be a frying pan across the back of my napper, 'Andy-Cap' style!