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Anyone feels going back from Noctivid to the Ultravid HD...? (2 Viewers)

Gilmore Girl

United States
Hey Justin,
I have flirted with the idea of the Zeiss pocket based mostly on your posts praising
its comfort with glasses among other positive attributes. I'm super picky however and
just have too many doubts about it working for me. There is a small possibility and I could keep
my mind open. If only I could try one nearby, but there are no stores that carry it near me. Maybe
the NJ Audubon store closest to me gets it in stock someday. I didn't see it there last time.


Well-known member
Hey Tom,

I gave the 8x32+ a whirl right after it came out, but eye relief was too short for me unfortunately.
A significant portion of the FOV was cut out.
I wear glasses and usually need about 16mm or more. However, Zeiss FL 8x32 at 15.5mm ER actually works for me and I may buy one sometime this year. It's an awful lot of money though and I'm inclined to maybe give Kowa Genesis 8x33 a whirl since it's one that has always intrigued me. Problem is ER is stated at only 15mm on the Genesis and eyecups look to rise above the ocular lenses by approx 2mm so it probably won't work. So I may end up with a big purchase for the FL, but it would be another long term bino; a keeper like my 7x42 Uvid. I've already tried the little FL and like it a lot and it works well with my eyeglasses too. I've always wanted the 8x32 Ultravid though, so that was a bit unfortunate it didn't work for me.

Hi Beth,

I did give a Victory 8x32 FL a whirl myself in the summer for a week and though I like FLs generally - especially the 7! - I didn't get on with it. But don't let me put you off; it was a much-used demo version sent out to lots of dealers, it had the look of something treated without much respect and I think it was a bit off. The size was handy though bigger than the Leica UVs and it was certainly bright. I really don't know exactly why it didn't float my boat but I trust my instinct better than facts and data and as you say they are expensive.

You will know that the 32 Victory FLs are the only size without the brighter AK prisms but then again all the Leica UVs are S-P prism designs to the best of my knowledge.

Definitely try the example you want to buy if at all possible.


Mike F

Well-known member
Sorry, that must be largely my fault - don't know where I am at the moment!

Apologies and I might be more attentive if I go off and get some sleep!

I will be more thoughtful next time...


Tom, no problem. My comment was entirely tongue in cheek! It happens - all of the time ;) and very often the off topic posts are the most interesting. Show me an internet thread that doesn't have any off topic posts and I'll show you someone who feels like going back to the Ultravid HD from the Noctivid! :-O

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