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Are you using the PCT (Professional Carbon Tripod) and PTH (Professional Tripod Head) with 95 or 115 Objective? (1 Viewer)


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First, thank you to this sub-forum for your patience in my small flurry of posts over the past week and my lack of subject-matter knowledge as I prepare for the arrival of the 115 objective and ATX tomorrow. Also, thanks to the seller as I've again posted a picture he took and posted with his sale add with a question - I hope that is not bad form.

I have the old-style PTH Swarovski head and was wondering if that head in combination with the PCT would be sturdy and balanced enough with the 115 Objective and ATX? That's my PTH head in the picture not the tripod. The scope looks long as the extender is installed in the picture.

My intention was to start with a Manfrotto 475B and figure it out from there, the Manfrotto's are back-ordered anywhere I look. So in the next 16 hours I am going to order the Swarovski at a breath-taking $949 or the Berlebach 212 for $369 (and if I get Woody, worry about addressing portability later). I'm strongly tilted towards the Swarovski for it's 4 lbs. weight and assumed sturdiness - do I err? Any guidance is appreciated.

F9CCEA97-99A2-4C57-8694-27F870C224F1.jpeg 6AF63843-8BDA-43D9-ADFB-BD6D327130D8_4_5005_c.jpeg F98CD248-33C0-4D3F-BFAC-5E7C4EA85C69.jpeg
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Berlebach is a good option for sure, although the 212 doesn't come with the spreader/accessory table shown above by default... that is another 1.1kg on top of the 2.5kg of the legs themselves.

As for the Swaro, I would recommend to buy from the brand that makes the PCT for Swaro... prices are equally eye watering but resale value is better, maybe try this one from the classifieds...

Or even cheaper, new, 3 sections only as recommended and actually high enough to use with the center column down as recommended:

If you are going for wood: Berlebach 312 is probably a better match than 212 (unless you are of short build) . You don't need the spreader tray. Wood is heavier than Carbon but offers better damping.

If you want posh carbon - and are buying new, and don't need a centre column, then have a look at the Gitzo 3 series. I can attest that the Gitzo 3533 LS is nice and sturdy, and cheaper than its Swarovski branded cousin (Not sure whether the Swaro is a rebadged 2 or 3 series). It is lighter than Berlebach's offering and collapses to a more compact length.

I don't know whether one or the other fares better in your kind of winter climate - lack of opportunity!

Good luck


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I have the PTH and used it with the BR II for my STX and ATX 95 and 65mm scope. For digiscoping, you need the balance rail to balance the weight of the camera, adapter and scope itself on the carbon fibre tripod from China

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