Ash throated flycatcher? Sacramento, California (1 Viewer)

This is just a Ash throated flycatcher right? The bill just looks a little to large and the colors a little to bright and the bird seemed a little bigger. It seemed to also be staying to the tree tops as well, which I have hardly ever seen with ash throated flycatchers. I have thought I've heard a similar sound to great crested flycatcher dawn song for several days now, but haven't been able to see the bird. Most likely it's a ash throated but as I have no experience with great crested flycatchers and it would be a rare bird I thought I would check.

Thank in advance for the help.


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I think it is not bright enough for a Great Crested Flycatcher. Brown-crested is perhaps a possibility, but the bill is on the small side for that species. I would say Ash-throated.

If LucaPCP saw a Great Crested in the Santa Cruz mountains a week ago, that was a very good sighting.

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