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Attracting more birds. (1 Viewer)


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I live in a neighborhood on the foothills of a mountain with a canyon nearby. The land around me is either occupied by other houses or sagebrush and other native weedery (rarely trees).
We live in a (I feel bad about saying this, but...) rich neighborhood, so everyone has lots of land (about a half acre), and the story is no different with us. We have a farm (just horses, no crops) across from the house.

The canyon has lots of birds in it and is about a mile to a mile and a half away. I've seen Chickadees, Sparrows, and Nuthatches in it.
Our yard has a low amount of small trees (about 10, not counting the currenty 2 foot tall pines.) because it is so new. We have a sunflower feeder, Suet feeder, and Nyger feeder, a pan feeder with a mix seed in it, and a ground plate, alse with the mix. The suet is a no-lard recipe (simply because we have none), and I fear that maybe the Nyger has gone bad.
Sadly, the only species that come to my feeders currently are Black-Billed Magpies (although the Dark-Eyed Junco's should be joining us soon).
Last year by this time the Pine Siskins and American Goldfinches were here.
So my questions are:

Why aren't more species coming?
How can I get them to come?
Where are all the Siskins/Goldfinches?
My birds seem to come and go with no explanation. For the last month I've had only House Sparrows, House Finches, and doves for the most part. But just this week I've had Blue Jays, a Mockingbird, a Downy Woodpecker, White-crowned Sparrows, Chipping Sparrows, Pink-sided Juncos, and Cardinals show up.

Do you provide water? I used to have a "standard" style bird bath, but almost nothing would use it because it's too deep. So I got a 16" terra-cotta flower pot tray and they love it. I've heard that providing running water is also a big help. Apparently it's easier for passing birds to see. Next spring I'm going to get one of those bird bath / fountain things.

If you think the Nyjer seed has gone bad, you should change it out. You don't want birds to show up, then not come back.

Other than that, I think you just need to give it some time. They'll find you eventually, especially if it snows.
I did have a normal birdbath out, but maybe you've got a point about it being too deep. After writing this I actually went out and put a terra-cotta birdbath out.
I'll hope to see something cool soon :)
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