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ATX/STX rumor (1 Viewer)


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Forent, Don't be tempted to purchase a BTX and/or the 1,7x extender...;) With those, I expect the X115 will shine... (...)
I bet it will! And admittedly, the BTX is alluring. ;
But it's also darn heavy: 1,400 g compared to 800 g for the ATX. That would qualify the 115 finally for stationary purposes.


going to wait for more reviews....and then decide if keeping the 85 or the 95 - no point for me of having three scopes this large.

I have the 65 and 95, and am interested in getting the 115. I started by telling myself that it would be a replacement for the 95, but I'm in the process of convincing myself that I could keep all three. The logic is that the 95 is really well balanced with the ATX eyepiece - that allows me to have a high performance scope in an overall package that's still usable in the field. I can side-mount the ATX95 on a lightweight gimbal head and a medium-sized carbon tripod (for seated use), even with the 1.7x ME included.

So the notional set-up would be:
- ATX65 for most field use.
- ATX95(ME) for field use when extra power or low-light performance really matter - e.g. if going to the mountains specifically to look for ungulates.
- BTX115(ME) & ATX115(ME) for astronomy and digiscoping, and when otherwise not going far from the car - e.g. wetland reserves and shorelines. I'm also interested to try the BTX115 with 2 MEs for astronomy.

To come back to the question above, I've never used the 85, but I know the 95 balances much better than that will, so I don't really see the point of it other than perhaps for better depth of focus. The 95 is not that much heavier, and with the better balance, I can probably use it with a lighter overall set-up than the 85.


Anyone in the UK received their 115mm yet?

Message received from the courier company informs me that mine, along with the case, is to be delivered tomorrow (Wednesday 28th). Looking forward to trying it out over the coming days with the BTX and 1.7 extender.

Hoping it will prove useful on future winter wildfowl and wader wetland bird counts at high tide; can’t imagine I’d want to carry it too far!

As reported previously, the objective arrived and following a few short opportunities to use in combination with the BTX the results delivered as expected at x35. A wonderful view and good investment.

Today I enjoyed the opportunity to use for the reasons iterated previously and combined with the 1.7 adapter, as hoped, the ability to view more critically the far waders and wildfowl certainly brought the benefits that I’d hoped for.

There’s still a place in my opinion for the 95mm and 85mm. The 115mm just extending the options. As the size goes up, the criticality of adequate stability through suitable tripod and balance rail becomes essential.

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