August 2005 theme challenge - Birds in Flight/Flock of Birds - How to Enter! (1 Viewer)


The theme for this month is 'Birds in Flight/Flock of Birds'.

The theme from February following the last site crash has been amalgamated into this months posted theme - still only one entry per member though!

The theme is further defined as being a photograph of a bird/birds in flight whether singly or as a flock.

The rules must be adhered to in order to avoid disqualification.

The Moderators decision is final.

Rules –

1. Entry to have been taken in the last twelve months i.e. since 1st July 2004.
2. Date taken to be included in the entry - must at least include month and year.
3. Entry to be uploaded between 1st-20th August 2005
midnight (BST).
4. Your entry must contain a bird or birds obviously in flight.

5. The bird must be wild and can be of any species.
6. Location taken to be included and must include at least the county/state and country.
7. One entry per member.
8. Only minor image adjustment is permitted, such as cropping, sharpening, contrast, and levels. The photo must not be otherwise greatly manipulated ie. objects should not be added/removed in order to enhance the shot - no composite images.
9. Once uploaded a photo is classed as an entry and cannot be replaced by another shot. However, you have until the closing date / time of this competition to ensure that your photo meets criteria.
10. The entry must be your own work and not previously submitted in a competition on this site.
11. The bird's common name must be given - though please add the scientific too!
12. Entries to be uploaded directly by entrants to the
Monthly Photo Competitions Gallery.

A voting booth will be posted after the 20th.

Please note 30 entries will be selected for addition to the voting booth for members to vote upon.
The entries not selected for inclusion in the voting booth will be moved to their respective Gallery forum.

Comments on entries are permitted.

Any queries about this months competition, please post below.


Well-known member
Hi Ian;

I was trying to move my "Arctic Tern with young" to the competition, but did not succeed. Can you help me out if you think this picture qualifies?


Hi Ian
Similar request as Gauker. I have tried to move my pic "I'll be off then" (sulphur-crested cockatoo) from my gallery to the monthly comp. Obviously I don't have the right touch, can you help?
Cheers SalB


Hi Ian

I'm sure you're beginning to get fed up with this now but, any chance you could move my 'kestrel in flight' photo into the competition?



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