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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

August Moths (1 Viewer)


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Just 7 of 15 last night - highlights 3 JT’s, 2 TLB’s, MOP, Box Tree and Willow Beauty. 😮
Low catch last night, not sure why: but first Gypsy Moth of the year, also NFY 2 Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (is there a clumsier moth common name?) and Double Lobed. Two Flame Shoulders the only other multiple in 10/8 spp (once I identify the micro in the fridge).

Edit: Micro was Eudonia mercurella, had several this year already.

Just 10 of 5 this am….Highlights-LBBYU (foy), Black Arches, 2 Common Rustic and 5 Riband Waves.😩
40 moths of 15 species this morning, 14 Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing and 6 Large Yellow Underwing accounted for half the catch. Lempke's Gold Spot and Lesser Yellow Underwing were new for the year whilst Purple Bar and Lesser Swallow Prominent were the best of the rest. Aviemore, VC95.
1 of 1 this am!….gotta be a record!😮 LYU

……forgot about this 😮


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19 of 13 last night: 3 Willow Beauty, 4 Mother of Pearl, 2 Double-striped Pug. A Silver Y for a migrant influence but best for me was (with thanks to Roy for ID) a Waved Black - tick!

None of this means anything and what's with the abbreviations, is this your equivalent of BoC shots?

TLB, Treble Lesser Bar?
You’re not OK with cryptics then AA, shame I like challenges apart from the Latin (was away from skool that day).
Presume for the same reason you don’t like BOC shots…too challenging I suppose?
Large Yellow Under- - - - and Tree Lichen - - - - - - 😉
Last night was my first attempt at trapping this month - turned out a bit cold and I only got 19/14 but Flame Shoulder and Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing were both NFY.
As I opened the front door this morning had a Hummingbird Hawkmoth visiting the self-sown Red Valerian & Agastache in pots by the path. Later in the day, while raining. a Jersey Tiger flew from the wall as I passed though on my way back.
18 of 9 this am (and yet another false widow), to include a female Gypsy Moth!
Not seen one of those afore + a very nice Willow Beauty.


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Hummingbird Hawk Moth on the Buddleia in the back garden this afternoon, good spot by Maz. Too brief a visit for pix but it may return....

Another invasion of mainly Willow Ermines (207 in total) gave me a respectable catch of 297/36 this morning.
Six NFY included a lifer, the fairly distinctive micro Caloptilia populetorum along with Ringed China-mark (female), Agriphila geniculea, Chinese Character, Treble-bar and September Thorn.
No big numbers of anything except ermines, 12 Riband Waves and 11 Large Yellow Underwings being the main macros.
270 of 49 species for me last night. Oak Hook-tip and Anacampsis populella/blattariella were lifers, with Acrobasis consociella and Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet NFY. Large Yellow Underwing (155) accounted for the bulk, with Common Rustic agg. and Agriphila straminella the only other species in double figures. Just two Willow Ermines here so maybe too far north.
Helping a friend's Son with his dissertation project, part of which involves moth surveys in cemetaries(!)

First night, was a case of being grateful that we missed an injured armed robber, who had escaped from the nearby hospital and was chased by the police through the cemetary in the early hours!

Last night's highlight for me was a Bordered Straw.

Nice catch Peter! Glad you missed any hassle.

Nothing to compare but walking around looking for Brown Hairstreaks (found 7 in the end) about a dozen male Gypsy Moths flying around, 2 Jersey Tigers, 3 shaded Broad-bar & a couple of grass veneers.
Jersey Tigers seem to be increasing locally Southampton area. Gypsy Moths yet to arrive here.
Somebody in Ware, Herts, to the north of me in the London suburbs had 166 Jersey Tigers in her trap either this morning or previous day. Amazing how they have done so incredibly well!

I'm sure you'll get the Gypsy Moths before too long.

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