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Baby Robin needs help (1 Viewer)


New member
Hello all! I need Help!! I'm here because I have an urgent question for the forum.
I have a family of 4 baby Robin's living on my property growing up in a nest that looks to be not very big.
This morning I noticed one had fallen out, so I put it back. All was well and then tonight I noticed one had fallen out again.
There is another abandoned nest 12 inches from the one in use that a previous mother raised her babies in, and it's better built, and has larger sides.
I'm considering moving all 4 babies to the larger nest, and stuffing it where the existing one is. Does anyone have any thoughts about whether this is advisable or not? The current nest is too crowded, and the babies are still small, with sprouting feathers, but mostly skin, and eyes closed still.
Also, the mother is present. She was in the nest when I found the baby that fell this morning, and was 10 feet away watching me (or more likely the baby) when I found the one that fell this evening.

delia todd

If I said the wrong thing it was a Senior Moment
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Hi Yagro and a warm welcome to you from all the Staff and Moderators.

No, please, please do not interfere with this nest, you risk the lives of all the babies as the parents are very likely to abandon them if you disturb them in any way at all.

Hard though it is to observe, just let them get on with it themselves.

KC Foggin

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United States
Hi Yagro and welcome aboard :t:

As Delia stated, please do not interfere with the nest at all. Let nature takes it course.

Lisa W

Staff member
Hi and welcome to the forum. It is hard to just watch, but it is also the best for the birds.

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