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Barn Swallow alone.. returning over and over (1 Viewer)


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Hi everyone!
I've had a pair or maybe others too. That have used my porch to have babies for about 2 years now. This year I think there were actually two sets of babies. And they always leave about this time actually by sept. But I have one I think it's one of the juveniles it comes most evenings near sunset ad sits on a plant outside my window halfway up the wall on the side where it could look up at the nest. It literally looks inside between my blinds. Flaps around alittle and hangs out.. and stays really close tobthe window its seems funny but the first time I noticed it it was because of all the movement of the bird and noticed it was trying to see inside it seemed. Literally arranging its self between the eyeline of the blinds.. lol.
But as its continued over the past two weeks. I started to wonder when I noticed it looking at the nest yesterday if its hungry. Like waiting for mom or dad to bring food. Or if there's a baby that died or something. I dont kjow birds much that's why I'm here. I've rescued alot of animals and done work in the field but not birds.
I love this little bird that visits but I'm starting to get worried that something is wrong. I dont have any flying food to give it .. I do have insect mash of sorts I feed the crested gecko but its watery or a paste type food. I hae worms etc.. but I know they eat what they catch in flight
The water here in austin has been having issues not just low but actually killing fish and so far 3 dogs that were playing in some of the creeks etc. So I'm wondering if the insects are scarce now. I haven't seen kuch around that fly recently. And its still hot as hell here.. just now starting to rain alittle yesterday. Not much though.
Could there be something wrong? I'm kinda lost.
None of the others ever stayed more than a few weeks at most after they started to learn to fly. The rest of the family has been gone for a month.


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It doesn't look much like a Barn Swallow to me, rather another species that is perching on the plant as a convenient site to look for insects, rest up and go about its business.


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It may not be.. I just assumed and also because the first time i saw it on the banister before it left that night it had the tail like the others. That split v ..

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