Bassian Thrushes

They are not birds that one does see every day
The bassian thrushes of South Eastern Australia mottled brown with spots of gray
To high wooded places they seem to belong
And they are distinctive in their flute like song
They live on molluscs and insects and worms they do find on the ground
But in large numbers they are not known to abound
The song of the male bird melodious and clear
A beautiful voice of late Winter and Spring of the year
An endemic species though not that well known
One might say it does have a charm of it's own
Searching for their food in ground cover they quietly hop along
But from once seen and once heard one cannot get them wrong
Their cup shaped nest of mostly dried grasses and lichen in hollow stump or fork of tree
With two to three greenish brown freckled eggs a thing that not many are privileged to see.