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Batrachostomus chaseni Stresemann, 1937 and others (1 Viewer)


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  • Batrachostomus chaseni Stresemann, 1937 OD Stresemann , E. 1937. Kritische Studien über die Gattung Batrachostomus . Mitteilungen aus dem Zoologischen Museum in Berlin 22 : 304–329 (p. 326 not seen)
  • Enicurus leschenaulti chaseni Meyer de Schauensee, 1940 OD here (not seen)
  • Harpactes erythrocephalus chaseni Riley, 1934 OD here
... Chasen and Kloss (Journ. Siam Soc. Nat. Hist. Suppl., vol. 8, no. 4, 1932, p. 234) have noticed the ...
  • Strix leptogrammica chaseni Hoogerwerf & de Boer, 1947 OD here
  • Charadrius peronii chaseni Junge, 1940 here
  • Aegithina tiphia chaseni Stresemann, 1938 Stresemann, E., 1938. Vögel vom Fluss Kajan (Nordost-Borneo) gesammelt von Baron Victor von Plessen.— Temminckia 3: 109-136. (Not seen)
  • Treron curvirostra chaseni Stresemann, 1950 OD here
  • Prinia flaviventris chaseni Deignan, 1942 OD here
  • Chrysocorythus estherae chaseni (Kinzelbach, Dickinson & Somadikarta, 2009) OD here

The Eponym Dictionary of Birds claims:
Chasen's Frogmouth Batrachostomus chaseni Stresemann, 1937 [Alt. Palawan Frogmouth]
Red-headed Trogon ssp.Harpactes erythrocephalus chaseni Riley, 1934
Common Iora ssp. Aegithina tiphia chaseni Stresemann, 1938 NCR [JS Aegithina tiphia aequanimis]
Chasen's White-crowned Forktail Enicurus leschenaulti chaseni Meyer de Schauensee, 1940
Yellow-bellied Prinia ssp. Prinia flaviventris chaseni Deignan, 1942 NCR [JS Prinia flaviventris latrunculus]
Chasen's (Brown) Wood Owl Strix leptogrammica chaseni Hoogerwerf & De Boer, 1947
Frederick Nutter Chasen (1896–1942) was an English zoologist. He became Assistant Curator of the Raffles Museum (1921), then Director (1932–1942). He was a well-known authority on Malaysian birds and mammals and published many scientific publications on these topics. He also co-authored The Birds of the Malay Peninsula (4 vols, 1927–1939) with Herbert C. Robinson (q.v.). Chasen perished at sea when fleeing Singapore during WW2. A reptile is named after him.

The Key to Scientific Names
Frederick Nutter Chasen (1897-1942) British ornithologist, Director of Raffles Mus., Singapore 1932-1942 (syn. Aegithina tiphia aequanimis, Batrachostomus, syn. Charadrius peronii, syn. Chrysocorythus estherae orientalis, subsp. Enicurus leschenaulti, subsp. Harpactes erythrocephalus, syn. Prinia flaviventris latrunculus, subsp. Strix leptogrammica, syn. Treron curvirostra).

I would tend to b. 1896 as in the Eponym. Same in Wikipedia or here. I think the key may need an adjustment but do not know when he exactly was born.

Does anyone here know when he was exactly born in Plomesgate?

Here, here, here and here an obituary.

Here as well as Frederick Robert?
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Björn Bergenholtz

(former alias "Calalp")
Even if now (maybe) somewhat obsolete, at least regarding the question about what seems to be his Birth date (well done, Paul!), for more additional details about his Life, see Frederick Nutter Chasen, by Fiona Tan, 2013 (here). He's equally a k a Frederick Nutter “Mickey” Chasen (here).

One (minor) detail might remain; as Plomesgate was a Rural District within the administrative county of East Suffolk "between 1894 and 1934", incl. Tunstall (Parish/village/s), I'm not sure whether he truly was born in Norfolk, or in Suffolk. I don't even know if it's relevant, or not ... ? :unsure:

Just an observation. For whatever it's worth ...


PS. He's not one of "my guys" (not incl. in my Swedish MS).
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The mentioned reptile in Eponym is Garthius chaseni (SMITH, 1931) OD here. I identified as well an amphibia Kurixalus chaseni (SMITH, 1924) OD New tree-frogs from Indo-China and the Malay Peninsula. In: Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London. Band 94, Nr. 1, 1924, S. 225–234 dedicated to him. Rattus rattus chaseni Sody, 1941 OD here (p. 269) is a synonym to Rattus argentiventer (Robinson & Kloss, 1916). Rhinolophus chaseni Sanborn, 1939 here. In Miller , N. C. E. , 1941. New genera and species of Malaysian Reduviidae (continued). Part II . Journal of the Federated Malay States Museum 18 : 601-773 we can find Microsanta chaseni (Miller, 1941) (P. 627).

So I would say he was not only ornithologist but a zoologist.
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Even if no bird is associated with him. Does anyone know the life dates Frank Leney. He was mentioned in the Ibis in context with Chasen

His early association with Frank Leney, of the Norwich Museum, where he worked first as an articled pupil (1913-1915) and later on the staff (1919-1921), bred the love of ornithology and museuns work which determined his career.
Found Leney; Frank (fl 1887-1937). And here

FRANK LENEY , O.B.E. , late Curator of Castle Museum, Norwich, has been appointed...

or here...

Mr. Frank Leney is to retire after 37 years as Curator of the Castle Museum, Norwich. His successor will be the present Deputy Curator, Miss Barnard.
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laurent raty

Leney, Frank; Biography: PRM relationship: Field Collector, Other Owner, PRM Source Continents: Europe Career: Museum Professional, Natural Historian Clubs: none known; Collected or donated by: 1918; Source: PRM Relational Museum project

Frank Leney was Curator at Norwich Castle Museum from 1910-1937, he had originally worked at the British Museum of Natural History [Thanks to Caroline Ellis, Registrar, Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service for information]. He is listed in the 1901 census as Frank Leney aged 28, born in St Leonards, Sussex and living in Norwich, Norfolk, described as a 'Curator of Museum' [sic, which differs from other information] Caroline Ellis, Registrar, Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service /

Thus born 1872 or 73 ?


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Frank Leney (1872-1945)
Birth26 Jun 1872, St Leonards, Suffolk

After the death of his first wife Annie Elizabeth in 1942 he married his second wife in April 1945 - the much younger (45) Winifred Larn. She was the death of him as he died in Sept! Perhaps with a smile on his face? She inherited the house and £1000 as he had no children. Oh the things obits don't tell you but official records do.
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