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Best photographic Field Guide to the birds of Botswana (1 Viewer)

Carol Rushton

Well-known member
Best photographic Field Guide to the birds of Botswana.

Hi everyone,

I have just returned from an exhausting but very enjoyable trip to mainly Botswana.

It was not a dedicated birding trip and the leader / driver had a good knowledge of mammals and where to find them,but not birds.

Therefore there was a need to mainly self guide , on the birds.

I took several pictures during the trip, with my Lumix bridge camera, as well as field notes.

However I am by no means a very good photographer.

Having returned I am now scratching my head , as I thumb through this the Fied guides, as to the identification of what I saw.

So please can anyone recommend a book which gives a good photographic guide to the birds of Botswana.

As well as helping with identification of what I saw, I would also like to look at far better images than those I took of the birds of Botswana, so would find thumbing through such a book, now I am back at home in Clevedon, a real pleasure.

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions which you can make.

Kind regards, Carol

Carol Rushton

Well-known member
There's this book, which is a photographic version of the well-known SASOL bird guide:

Good afternoon Andrew and thank you for your helpful and prompt reply.

I came across the book, to which you have provided the link in a Google search and wondered what it was like . Have you seen the book yourself, please ?

I was wondering if it had been updated as I noticed the 2009 date, but couldn't find any revision / update .

I was also wondering if it might come in a larger hard back version, but couldn't track this down either.

Carol Rushton

Well-known member
I am still wishing to find and purchase a coffee table type hardback larger type book which has excellent photographs of, ideally birds and mammals of South Africa and Botswana.

Since my original posting about this, on here, in October ( see the postings below) , I did purchase, on Andy Adcock's suggestion, the Botswanan Field Guide " Birds of Botswana" and I am very glad that I did and it has helped me to identify post trip, some birds I could not idenify, at the time in the field,from the photographs taken. Thank you Andy, again, for your help, there.

Now I am seeking something which is not a Field Guide, but which has excellent photographs of both birds and mammals, which I can flick through and marvel at the wonders of others photography,as my own is somewhat lacking. As I had a trip to South Africa in 2007, where all my photographs of the trip were subsequently lost, I would ideally like something which covers both South Africa and Botswana.

Can anyone suggest anything,in addition, please ?

Thank you,in advance,for your help.

Kind regards, Carol

Hi Carol:

I am traveling to Botswana this fall, my second trip. (I also have a Lumix camera which I love! But the animals never seem to want to pose for a convenient picture... haha) I would like to recommend this book if you can find it. The author Steven Stockhall is a professional photographer. Although the book is softcover, it is coffee-table-sized, and has wonderful photos as well as b/w illustrations.
"Earth Ark: A photographic safari through Botswana"

It looks like there is a copy available here:

Good luck!

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