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Best Urban Bird Migrations? (1 Viewer)

Paul Collins

Well-known member
I am keen to hear what are the most amazing urban bird migrations you have seen?

Maybe raptors in Gibraltar or Morocco?
Or hummingbirds in Phoenix, Arizona?
Or purple martins in Texas?



Not amazing as massive raptor migration, but Hanoi has pretty good urban birding during migration. Last spring we've found two country firsts on a couple of mornings around town.


Paddyfield Warbler and Silver Oriole, both along Red River.

They have seen Fairy Pitta in the same spot this spring (not a country first, but a phantastic bird to see, let alone in a city).

http://vietnambirdnews.blogspot.com/ gives good info on what can be found in Hanoi, most posts are about Hanoi urban birding.
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Central Park in New York, New York offers some incredible birding during both spring and fall migration. There's a great documentary about it called "The Central Park Effect."


David Daniels
United States
The lakefront parks in Chicago can be fantastic in the spring for all birds, but warblers especially. As the migrating birds encounter Lake Michigan, they follow its western shoreline rather than fly over the water.



Well-known member
I second Chicago. Although NYC is pretty good along with other large urban centers situated on flyways (Toronto, Cleveland, Rochester NY, and Boston are some that come to mind), Chicago still seems better. The Magic Hedge doesn't earn that name for nothing. Black and Yellow Rails have even occurred along with many other fantastic rarities. Hit the area during good migration, and the lakefront and parks are truly fantastic. Doesn't have the amazing raptor migration that occurs in some other places but, for me, those seem to be in a category of their own.

John Cantelo

Well-known member
I'd opt for Tarifa over Gibraltar although perhaps it's too small to count as truly urban. In the UK Weymouth must rate pretty high. In North America I though Vancouver was pretty good too.


Well-known member
Obviously Panama and also Batumi. Those two rank among the best. I don't know if there are sites near Veracruz in Urban setting where you could see the streams of raptors...?


Well-known member
Best urban migration site must be Eilat. Remember watching thousands of raptors whilst laying on my bed with the window open!


Well-known member
Ancon Hill

with 1.2 millions inhabitants and Capital of the Country, Ancon Hill in Panama City is by far the best urban migratory hotspot: 2.1 million raptors in ONE SINGLE DAY (last year) 4 Million shorebirds and millions of warblers, kingbirds, tanagers, vireos, oriols, flycatchers and other!
There is little publicity about it but there is no other city on this side of the world with such a concentration of migratory birds!

Cheshire Birder

Well-known member
I'm sure I read about a vizmig group watching from the top of one of London's towers. They had some interesting results records, mainly of the commoner migrants.


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