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Binocular harnesses and slings? (1 Viewer)


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I tried some searching and generally only found LowePro "sling bags" for sale. :rolleyes: I expect to see some threads on binocular slings and harness but, no such luck.

As I move to some heavier binoculars I began to wonder about better binocular slings and harnesses. Vero Vellini is really the only brand I have run across and it has been many years since I have seen one in person.

I know Europe has a lot of highly skilled craftsmen and women who do this type of work so, I thought I would also ask the widely dispersed birder community here what they use and where I should look? What brands or boutiques are better or best for these types of things? What has worked best for you out in the field or at a sporting event in the stands?

I should note I'm not considering anything bespoke with a price tag that exceeds the value of my binoculars. Realistically, anything over $100USD would have to be exceptional and spectacular to get me to open up my wallet. Also, construction matters to me. I love well-crafted leather but, I am allergic to leather (or the tanning process) and most metals (including Titanium in the more exotic options) which is a big no-no for me too. I can wear a leather belt but, a leather wallet needs to go into a plastic baggie or I will break out if I sweat lightly where it contacts my thigh through the pocket liner.

So, this generally only gives me synthetic options. As I get some bins that are over 2lbs, I realize that the thin factory slings or straps that come with the binoculars might be okay for around the house but are unacceptable for more serious use. Having them slung around my neck is super handy but, if I am at a National Park boulder hopping and scrambling around tree roots on a steep incline, I really need something that will keep them close to my body that won't allow them to swing. So, this suggests I should get both a neck sling and a harness, and probably 100% synthetic. Binocular bikini options with a harness is an open question so, thoughts there are welcome too.

Vero Vellini is where I started my search and they seem to have some good options for slings in the $20~$40 range. Harnesses are all over the place in terms of price. What is the better quality gear I should focus on? Any small boutique shops I can support during COVID?

I don't use one myself but if I did, it would be the Rick Young harness. Just some stretchy cord with a toggle for adjustment, doesn't look like much at all, but supports surprisingly well and comfortably.
You might look at the offerings from Op/Tech. They make an integrated system of harnesses and straps and connectors. Connectors can be purchased separately, so you could outfit any or all of your binos to make them fit any strap/harness that suits your needs. This system is what I use for heavy binos and my dslr. I can use the same harness for either one.

The Rick Young harness is what I use for my binos that aren't so heavy. I wouldn't recommend that system for a heavy bino, but only you can define what "heavy" is to you.

Also look at offerings from companies that make hunting gear such as Kuiu. They make bino harnesses that will keep a 42mm or 50mm bino close to your chest, and many come with a pouch that provides the protection that a plain harness doesn't.
Rick Young is what I use, but Marsupial gear makes a very nice harness. KUIU and Stone Glacier are great choices as well.
i just bought the cheaper zeiss harness, which was about 60, the premium version is close to 100, nice wide straps, takes the weight off the neck—i have had a ebay chinese version, straps were too thin, meaning it felt tight and cut under the underarms
i bought it for the zeiss 15x60 when i want to handhold
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