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Bird call identification - W. France (2 Viewers)



This record finds me doubtful. Not sure if there is one or two birds calling... Maybe a spotted Flycatcher?

Nantes, western France, 04.06.2021, ~10PM

Thanks for your help


  • to_identify.mp3
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I've been mucking about with (OK, coping with) these modern new-fangled sonagram things these last 45 years - so, no, not that. I just can't relate what I hear in your recording to either your written description or to the sonagram. So, I'm out.

Alexander Stöhr

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I am quite sure, this is a Common Redstart or a Nightingale. I am in the Redstart camp, but I would like to hear it on a better device, I cant hear the tak-calls like Butty, too? Maybe we are too old for that? No, I find these things interesting, though I cant read sonogramms, too!


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Somehow it just sounds like a Great Tit to me. While the 'tak tak' (which to me is more a 'dzit dzit' 😋) is not very distinctive, the 'ti tui' has the right timbre for Great Tit. But it is a very short sequence after all...


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Do you mean too slow or too low? Anyway, to me it fits. The problem is that Great Tits have such a vast repertoire of vocalisations that it is difficult to find an exact match on XC. I don't have much time now but I found this recording which at least covers one of the notes IMO:

XC659768 Great Tit (Parus major)

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