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Bird ID help in Cambodia (1 Viewer)

Hi all,

Can someone help me with these birds please?

The first pic - I know the one on the left is a chestnut headed bee eater - but is the right a female, or a seperste type of bee eater?

And not sure what the second and third pics are if someone could please help?

I can just see one pic, and both birds are (Oriental) Green Bee-eater

Thanks a oot Laery.

Cqn you let me know what features enaboed ypu to ID green bee eater rather than Chestnut headed purely out of curiosity?

These are the other pics


  • 20190618_175638.jpg
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Andy Adcock

Well-known member
The larger bird looks like a young Starling, maybe Rosy.

The other is a Prinia, not sure which without checking the book.


Well-known member
I agree that the first picture is Green Bee-eater. Adult on the left, juvenile on the right.

The second looks like a juvenile chat, I would say probably a Pied Bushchat.

The third is a prinia, I think Plain.


Birder in Kathmandu
Agree with Green Bee-eater, Pied Bushchat juv and most likely Plain Prinia. As for your question of "why not chestnut-headed": adult CH has strong chestnut head, bright-yellow cheeks and throat and no streamers (this adult one has).
Cheers, Arend

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