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Bird identification - TN, USA (1 Viewer)


New member

I’m new to the forum and hoping someone can help me identify what I believe to be some sort of vulture. See pics. It had white, and I think somewhat feathered, legs with white on the undersides of the ends of its wings.



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Deb Burhinus

Used to be well known! 😎
Agree with BV - I was having fun flicking through the images really quickly and getting a ‘moving’ bird

Welcome to Birdforum Fletch 🙂

Deb Burhinus

Used to be well known! 😎
Thank you! Our cat is also missing. Any chance they are to blame?
Sorry to hear that. It’s a good idea if you keep cats to have them as indoor house cats (or at least keep a close eye on them only letting them out for a certain time) - I had a cat years ago and know they can bolt and run off if scared/chased, get stuck up trees, locked in outhouses, runover etc so it’s always a worry. - sometimes they simply decide the people down the road provide nicer food! Vultures are generally carrion eaters but will certainly take live prey if it is helpless or small enough but they will only be just one possibility of many why a cat might go missing sadly so it would be wrong to blame them without ‘evidence’.

KC Foggin

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United States
Yes, a Black Vulture.

Hi there and a warm welcome to you from those of us on staff here at BirdForum (y)
We're glad you found us and please join in wherever you like ;)


Maryland USA (he/him)
United States
Hi and welcome, Fletch. As other folks have said, you filmed Black Vultures, which probably didn't make off with your cat.

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