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Hi all,

First posting. We live in NSW Australia having moved here from Zimbabwe nine years ago. My wife and I are heading to Fort Lauderdale US in Jan for three weeks and being mad keen bird watchers want to spend some time looking for new sightings. If any memebers have any advice on where to go I would be most appreciative. We are particulary keen to see any humming birds and of course the Bald Eagle both of which look like a possibiltiy.

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Many thanks Raul,

I have had a look at the maps and site and we will certainly add this to the list of things to do in Florida. I like the idea of a few woodpeckers as well, I have not seen one since leaving Africa!



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There are no Bald Eagle sites anywhere near Ft. Lauderdale unfortunately, but as Paul mentioned, there are distant sites. For hummingbirds I do not know of any feeders in the area offhand, but there certainly may be. If you're up for a drive, across the state on the west coast is Ding Darling, a great place to see waders and the like, and in the area are a few private feeders that attract Ruby-throated, Rufous, Allen's and Buff-bellied Hummers in the winter. Check the Florida listservs here:

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