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Birders from Florida, Anhinga/DC Cormorant ID help needed (1 Viewer)


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Took these pictures a few days ago of a possible Anhinga / or double crested cormorant. We have been debating for days now about the id of this bird.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

The tail seem way too short for an Anhinga, so now we think DC cormorant. Could anyone repost the question to your local listserv? Anhinga would be state record #3, so we need all the expert opinion we need!


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It looks good for an Anhinga, and the behavior sounds right -- Anhingas, surprisingly, are very accomplished at soaring to great heights. I see nothing wrong with the tail or neck to discount Anhinga.

I have never seen a Double-crested Cormorant soar (we have many of them, as well). Flight has always been direct with frequent flaps.

I will repost this on the Tropical Audubon listserv.



I've never seen a Corm soar, either. This looks just like an anhinga, even without the flight description.

Andy Wraithmell

aka Limeybirder
It looks like a perfect Anhinga to me. As Carlos stated, Anhinga's like to soar. I've actually seen kettles of them (up to 25 birds) here in North Florida. I've also never seen a DCCO soar anywhere. The tail and neck don't seem short at all. Congratulations!

Andy Benson

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Yep Anhinga for me too. Heres a pic I took of soaring DCCs in Florida this spring, note the more prominent head profile and broader base to the neck. Also tail profile poss. shorter on DCC than Anhinga?


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Coming from a guy who monitors cormorants - that looks like an Anhinga to me. Wing shape and proportions look wrong for D-C Cormorant.

Also, I've never seen a cormorant soar. I've seen Anhingas soar countless times.

Not the expert, but hope this helps.



Larry Lade

Staff member
Flocks of Anhingas have been seen here in Missouri recently! The photos taken of then soaring here look very similar to your photo.

Jim M.

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