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Birding at Loch of Kinnordy (3 Viewers)

Plenty to see at the loch and surroundings today;
as Ian mentioned above he was lucky enough to see a cracking Bearded Tit from the Swamp Hide. I missed it but hopefully it'll hang around.
Also managed to miss the Bittern which popped out of the reeds at lunchtime in front of the Gullery hide.
I did manage to get the drake Smew which is still here as well as a cracking drake Pintail which is a scarce bird inland here in Angus.
Plenty Bullfinches around too as well as my 1st Brambling of the winter here.
Whooper Swans, Wigeon, Teal, Goldeneye & Goosanders were all showing well , no sign of the Green-winged Teal, though one was reported from Lintrathen Loch nearby.
Not too far away from the loch the Snow Goose was re-located in a winter cereal crop with Pinkfeet Geese and gave a lot of birders good views.
Hello folks..I'm back..sorry but have had a problem with a hole in my foot!!!

My first visit to kinnordy for a while was this morning. I had been up very briefly 3 weeks ago and saw the Green winged teal and a Raven.

This morning it was really grey and overcast with not a lot of birds to be seen.
Teal, goldeneye, wigeon, mute swans, mallard, cormorant, buzzard,rooks, crows, blue tit, wren, reed bunting, greylag geese.

Had been sitting for an hour and a half, was just about to get up and leave when I heard a Raven calling. It was flying east to west on the far side of the loch and then dived down and up came a female Hen Harrier!! Hadn't seen one here for a long time. Then another raptor joined in the fun...A raven mobbing a harrier which was not too pleased to see a peregrine fly into view. The peregrine flew up and perched in the row of pine trees between the gullery and swamp hides. The harrier flew backwards and forwards over the peregrine before heading off, chasing the raven. It hung around before being chased by the raven over the fields and away. It was a juvenile Peregrine.

I was glad I had hung around a little longer!!!

No sign of the bittern, smews, green winged teal or beardies...all hiding somewhere!!!

Sorry for the poor photos, but all the action was taken a bit further away than we would have liked!!

Photo one is the harrier coming in from the right
Photo two is the harrier hovering above the juvenile Peregrine
Photo three is the harrier chasing the raven away.


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It's lovely to see you back Darell... I do hope you're on the mend now.

That was some great action you captured today - and well recorded too lad.
Kinnordy Loch busy today with visitors looking for the Bittern, Smew & Green-winged Teal.
Some of them went away very happy having seen all three as well as a lovely drake Pintail and a group of Whooper Swans in close too.
Not so many small birds around today , but Bullfinches showing well and the Red Squirrels kept the photographers happy too.


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Very cold with snow showers blowing through at the loch, certainly didn't encourage sitting too long in the hides.
The drake Smew did his usual posing around in front of the gullery hide early on and then took off towards the east end of the loch.
He did appear back sporadically though throughout the day.
Still big numbers of Teal here, though no sign of the Green-winged Teal for a day or so.
The Bittern appeared briefly around 11am and then promptly dropped into the reeds near the single pine tree never to appear again.
Whooper numbers are up to 27 today with a further 64 at Lintrathen Loch.
Other wildfowl were Goosander, Mallard, Wigeon, Tufted Duck, Goldeneye, Shoveler and a couple of Gadwall.
im not having much luck at kinnordy just now,i have had 5 visits this month looking for the gw teal all ruined by bad weather, today was no exception plus the teal looks like it moved on a few days ago,didn,t even get an hour in before the heavens opened up,sitting in the gullery hide gus Guthrie spotted a kingfisher flying in the far right hand corner,i couldn,t get my binos to focus quick enough and missed what would have been my first kinnordy kingfisher, the pintail was at the swamp hide end but was a very distant bird, there was a single yellowhammer sitting in the tree beside the cottage plus 1 goldfinch was feeding with the usual birds on the feeders,i don't recall seeing any goldfinches on the feeders here although I have seen winter flocks in the hedges ,buzzard/whoopers/mutes/teals/mallards/goldeneyes/cormorants/blue tits/ chaffinch/carrion crow/goosanders/woodpigeon/pheasant/robin/pinkfoots/greylags/plus the white greylag seen
I checked the pinkfoot flock at meigle on my way up ,approx 200 birds with 6 Canada geese ,treecutters disturbed a woodcock which flew along aside my car for a short distance before crossing in front of it, I thought for a moment woodcock could be on the Christmas menu


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Drake Smew still showing off occasionally in front of the Gullery hide before disappearing down towards the east end of the loch and out of sight.
Ian Ford re-found the Green-winged Teal a day or so ago, today it was feeding 50 metres from the Gullery hide with a heap of Eurasian Teal before they were all flushed by a dog-walker.
At the moment there are plenty wildfowl on the loch including 30+ Whoopers, Wigeon,Goosander, Goldeneye, Shoveler, hundreds of Teal and a drake Pintail.
Also had a Kingfisher again today and some good views of an otter eating a fish.
The Bittern was seen a couple of days ago but remains pretty elusive as the water levels are high just now.
Here's a shaky bit of Otter video !
Happy New Year everyone!!!

I spent a couple of hours at the loch this morning to get my list up and running.
In the first 10 mins I had Bittern, Smew, Goosander, teal, goldeneye, cormorant, mallard, mute swan, greylags and grey heron on my list. Barn Owl soon followed along with tufted duck, whooper swan, buzzard, crow, blue tit, blackbird, wigeon, common gull, black backed gull, wood pigeon and pinkies.

The sun did come out for short spells, but it was mainly a grey day. I had only just sat down when the Bittern was seen. It flew up from a small reed bed and flew over towards the east end of the loch, not to be seen again while was there. The male smew was over towards the east as well, right at the back. He too disappeared not to be seen again while i was there.

Lots of wildfowl around at the moment and there is a lot of water,what with all this rain we have had.
You never know what you might see...certainly the bittern is on the "might" list, but the smew seems to be around most of the time and the Barn Owl keeps peering out from the nest box.

Good place to visit if you are thinking about it. If going for a walk, wear wellies if going along the paths...alot of extra water around!!

i popped in to kinnordy to see if i could get some new birds for my list today,got 2 nice one,s brambling and pintail,there are now 2 pintails at the swamp end,most of the loch is frozen but there is a lot of birds on show on the ice and at the feeders, 15 redwings and 1m bullfinch at the swamp end,at the feeders a group of long tailed tits were feeding on the half coconut and at one point around a dozen were trying to squeeze in at the same time ,the brambling i saw was a female but males are being reported


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Had my lunch at the loch yesterday,weather was decent for a change too.
A male Bearded Tit appeared out of the reeds at the Swamp hide and was in view for around twenty minutes.
the drake Scaup is still at the east end of the loch and a drake Pintail is at the Swamp hide.
Plenty of Teal, Goldeneye and Wigeon as well as over thirty Whooper Swans.
There are quite a few Redwing in the area between the Gullery and East Hide as well as some Brambling and Bullfinches.


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Had a male Bearded Tit at the Swamp hide at lunchtime, only very briefly though before it shot back into the reeds.
Heard my first Water Rail from the Gullery hide and also saw the drake Smew, the first time for a week or so. Lots of hiding places for him at the moment, even hard trying to count how many whoopers are here just now, around 35-40 I think.
Teal, Wigeon and Tufted Duck numbers are building up again, though a lot of ducks are well hidden among the flooded area of rushes at the west end.
The drake Scaup is still here though favouring the area furthest from the Hides, also Goldeneye, Goosander, Gadwall and a single Shoveler.
Plenty small birds around despite the feeders not being filled up very often.
Siskins, Redpoll, Bullfinch and several Brambling as well as a small flock of Redwing which tend to forage among the leaf litter.

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