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Birding Frontiers Challenge Series - Autumn (1 Viewer)

Paul Higson

Well-known member
Anyone any thoughts on this yet ???

Know some folk have got it - think my Postie is having a shuftie at my copy . . . . cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Stephen Dunstan

Registered User
I think it's very good, easy to read and well illustrated. Don't expect to have much cause to use some of the chapters in the UK, otherwise no complaints and further material available online.


John Cantelo

Well-known member
Picked up a copy at the Bird Fair' yesterday - when I have had a good look & have time I'll post a review. First initial thoughts are that it is superb on those species it covers (necessarily limited). Above all, unlike most such guides, it's not "talking at you", but engaging you in a conversation.

Paul Higson

Well-known member
My copy arrives via the "ferry" soon here in Sutherland, must be more than four folk who have bought it . . . ??

Shall post my "review" tomorrow.

Steve Lister

Senior Birder, ex County Recorder, Garden Moths.
United Kingdom
It was a popular buy at the Birdfair, lots of people mentioned getting it. But have not had chance to do any more than flick through it yet.

I cant seem to get the QR reader to work on ipad, keeps throwing into kids games. I know they are password protected but I dont even get the option. Any suggestions?

John Cantelo

Well-known member
Found it at http://www.dave59.com/?p=401 ... but it doesn't seem to want to load very quickly taking over ten minutes. However, the wait is worthwhile since right at the end you can see Mrs C (in red) and the rarest site imaginable, me (in my 14km T-shirt) getting the dosh out of my wallet to buy something! This is a testament to how good Martin's book really is!
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Paul Higson

Well-known member
In short - just buy it !!!!

Packed full of ideas/information/questions etc etc. Informative, educational, intriguing and inspirational. And then you get all the stuff hidden in the QR codes. . . .

We get Redpolls of all sizes and shapes throughout the year on Orkney - I am now suitably fired up to make an attempt at trying to find out what they are and where they come from - and every Bonxie will be given an extensive grilling from now on.

In exchange for a brown and a blue drinking voucher you get way more than your moneys worth.

A huge BOOM from me.

Steve Arlow

Well-known member
United Kingdom
I've gone through the book and it is a worthwhile purchase though think there should have been some tighter proof reading, numerous spelling mistakes, ie unerparts, missing words, which requires re-reading to make sense of the sentence, and the image of Marsh Warbler head is missing so can't compare directly with those of Reed and Blyth's Reed Warblers.

These quibbles aside will still provide another fine resource for the coming couple of months
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