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Birding records - Big days & big years (1 Viewer)


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With all those birding records being crushed this year, I was wondering what the current records all over the world are. Maybe we can compile a list of all current records existing through the combined knowledge of this forum for future references.

This site already gives a good overview, but is far from complete or up to date

I'll attach an excel spreadsheet, that I'd like to update with your help



  • Big Years & Big Days.xlsx
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Dutch big year record holder is Pieter Doorn.
Dutch big day is 201 (Folkert Jan Hoogstra, Willem Bosma, Theo van Veenendaal, Gijs Baller en Jeroen Breidenbach)
Belgian big year is 299 (Johan Buckens)


I noticed that there wasn't any green year records on that site. Couldn't open excel at all, so if you have there - :t:.

Edit: Finnish Green Year Record is 278 (2014, Eino Hiekkanen)
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United States
Note that the ABA checklist only includes the USA and Canada. By default you can't do an ABA big year for Mexico, since it's not within the boundary. The big year would instead by using Clements Taxonomy.

Steve Lister

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I have not seen it for a while but the ABA Listing Supplement used to include a list of many national big day records, plus state ones.

I used to be keen on big days and back in 2008, the last report I have, I was in the teams that topped the rankings in Croatia (78 on 16/04/2001), Cyprus (103 on 21/04/1995), The Gambia (127 on 31/03/1991), Grenada (36 on 18/07/1995), Morocco (108 on 01/01/1994) and St Kitts (33 on 24/07/1999). Either Grenada or St Kitts ABA have the year wrong as they were on the same very nice Caribbean cruise. I don't suppose any of these will stand as the records now.



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In Baltic countries the highest Big year I think is in Estonia - 276 by Margus Ots in 2012. That year there were 292 species recorded in Estonia - so he saw 94,5%. Not bad.

Don't know Lithuanian number, but in Latvia I think the highest is 268. Usually there are also around 290-295 species recorded in Latvia each year, so for any future Big Year to reach for example 280 (seems good number to target) it would need to involve huge luck and heavy twitching. Though it's easier to twitch in Latvia than in Estonia as we don't have any islands (that can take precious time to get to) and nonstop drive across the country takes only ~6 hours.


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John Sterling broke the California state record last year (2015) with 500 countable species (490 native / non-introduced), birding in all 58 counties and breaking the previous state record in 2014 by Curtis Marantz of 486 (475 native / non-introduced). I happened to cross paths with Sterling as he found his last bird of the year - Stilt Sandpiper at the southern end of the Salton Sea on Dec 30.

Incredible to travel the state like that. Listing in CA is pretty intense with "county birders", some of whom have seen over 300 native / non-introduced species in every county! (lifetime, not year). It's inspired me to join the lifelong county hunt, and also track my native / non-introduced species more carefully (that's why I have 3 different numbers for all of my lists in my sig - total / ABA accepted / "NIB" - non-introduced birds).

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