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Colin Clark

Wishing I could get out more...!
Hi everyone,

I will be visting Koln in June and have a spare weekend. I will have a car.

Can anyone help with some birding sites? I am currently living in Australia but am originally from England so really looking for species that can't be seen in UK like Black Woodpecker, Middle-spotted Woodpecker. I'd also like to get my bogey species - Crossbill.

Looking at an earlier thread Eifel National Park looks like an option?



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Your chances for a Black Woodpecker in the Eifel are pretty good.
I've seen my first (and so far only) around here.

The other two not yet (but I haven't been in the parks).

Hope you get some good ideas for areas. Would love to suggest some, but haven't been traveling around lately.

Good Luck!


The Wahner Heide, just east of the Airport Cologne-Bonn has the woodpecker species you want, apparently common (although June is not optimal!)
Hawfinch and Pied Flycatcher should be a doddle (learn the calls). Send me a pm with your details and I may be able to get you a map + details.
Middle Spotted is more of a lowland bird (see attached map) and going into the Eifel would not be the best move.

Crossbill is quite common in the hilly areas east of Cologne (but you really have to recognise its call and it can be difficult to find).

If there's more marginal- to non-UK stuff you can think off (e.g. Bluethroat, Marsh Warbler, Nightjar, Rock Bunting, Cirl Bunting, Red-backed Shrike, Short-toed Treecreeper) I can help.

There are a few good birds in the Eifel, but they tend to be kept well under wraps.


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Here You can check the actual views

Middle spotted Woodpecker choice Mittelspecht

The woodpecker seems to be common in this area, but best time is rather march and april.

Black Woodpecker is Schwarzspecht

Crossbill is Fichtenkreuzschnabel

You can also choice the area

NW for Nordrhein Westfalen

and than e.g. K for Koeln

Buy the way birds which are difficult to see are also in the north east like White-tailed Eagle ( very easy to find there ) and A. pommarina or in the south pre alpine area or Alps.
North and west of Berlin for me is one of the best birding spots in whole Europe.
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I will be attending PowerGen next week in Koln. Any good birding spot within the city? Maybe a park or the river?. Obviously I will be looking for non Iberian birds but any advice would be apreciated.


I think in Cologne you'll only find parakeets. There is a park on the east side of the Rhine, as well as a green belt, but the best areas are further away (especially the Wahner Heide near Cologne-Bonn airport).


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The river should be a good place to start.
There usually are park areas along the rhine.
Not 100% sure about the Layout of Cologne.
Did you try to check google maps? (If nobody else has any ideas)

Wouldn't have thought we have those here in Germany.


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Yes, really, Cologne (Köln) is full of Ring-necked Parakeets Psittacula krameri, even over the main city centre shopping areas.

Colin Clark

Wishing I could get out more...!
Thanks Jan and everyone.
I managed to get 8 lifers on my trip.

Wagbachniederung (100km S of Frankfurt)
Marsh Warbler, Black Woodpecker, Bluethroat

Wahner Heide (near Bonn-Koln Airport)
Middle-Spotted Woodpecker, Melodious Warbler

Vineyard at Rhöndorf (40km S of Koln)
Serin, Rock Bunting

Also got Honey Buzzard flyover somewhere near Merkenich.

Other good sightings fo a former UK resident were Woodlark, Marsh Harrier, Red-backed Shrike (facing off the harrier from about 30cm in adjacent branches of the same tree!!, Peregine (in an aerial battle with Common Buzzard), ST Treecreeper, Purple Heron and a duck that was probably hybrid but looked to have a lot of Ferruginous in it....

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